​Genie Music, music animation ‘Bella’s Dream’ box office hit… surpasses 600,000 views


The music animation ‘Bella’s Dream’, produced jointly by Genie Music, Tooniverse, and Stone Music Entertainment, continues to thrive.

Genie Music announced on the 18th that the number of views of ‘Bella’s Dream’, which was released through the YouTube channels Dragon D and Stone Music, exceeded 600,000. It is expected to exceed 1 million views within January. ‘Bella’s Dream’ is a five-part music animation. It tells the story of Bella, a doll who lives in a doll hospital, and her friends who are in danger of being abandoned, and goes to find her family.

‘Bella’s Dream OST’ is also gaining popularity. The number of streaming in the first week of January increased by 187% compared to the previous week. The most viewed ‘Bella’s Dream OST’ was counted as ‘Affectionate Person’, ‘Dance Dance’ and ‘Tub Buk Tuk Buk’.

On the 16th, an integrated album containing all 5 songs of ‘Bella’s Dream OST’ was released. Lee Hae-il, head of Genie Music’s content division, said, “The collaboration between Genie Music, Tooniverse, and Stone Music Entertainment has created a new type of music animation ‘Bella’s Dream’. We plan to participate in the production of music animations with various storylines in the future.”

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