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“Listen to the government’s call, everyone will celebrate the New Year on the spot this year!” Recently, at the commendation meeting for fighting the epidemic in the Science and Technology Park of Central China Normal University, Zhang Yunqing, the head of Kebexiong (Hubei) Culture Media Co., Ltd., who was awarded the advanced individual in fighting the epidemic, asked the enterprises in the park Issued an initiative and received widespread response. The company produced 26 episodes of the first domestic animation work with Chinese medicine cultural characteristics, “The Legend of Kebei Bear and Wooden Chicken: The Legend of Lingzhi Village”, which was donated to TV stations during the anti-epidemic period last year, and played a role in promoting public health knowledge during the anti-epidemic process. effect. It is reported that the animation work began to be created in 2012. The first part has been broadcast, the second part is about to be completed, and the third part will be produced afterwards, which has attracted double attention from the Chinese medicine and animation circles.

At the China Normal University commendation meeting, Zhang Yunqing (second from right) was awarded the advanced individual of anti-epidemic

Selling houses and cars should also promote Chinese medicine culture

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, but the content is obscure and difficult to understand, blocking the pace of effective communication.

Zhang Yunqing, who was born in Hubei Public Security Bureau, has been engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time. The research direction of this profession includes the divisional function of plant and Chinese medicinal materials. As a result, he has forged an indissoluble bond with Chinese medicine culture.

In view of the fact that Chinese medicine culture is mostly classical literature, which is difficult for modern people to read, and animation works are liked by all ages, Zhang Yunqing came up with the idea of ​​spreading knowledge of Chinese medicine through animation, and specially registered and established a company, through the cartoon characters Ke Bei Xiong and Mu Mu The story of the chicken promotes the culture of Chinese medicine.

“I was born in the countryside. When I was a child, I was doing farm work in the fields. When I cut a blood hole in my hand, my father would pull a handful of grass on the edge of the ridge, chew it up, and apply it to the wound to stop the bleeding. The effect was very good. I thought, what form should I use to record such good things and let more people know.” Zhang Yunqing said: “After starting a business, I found that it is a very good way to pass on and spread the culture of Chinese medicine through animation, so I used many years of savings to register. Kebei Xiong Animation Co., Ltd. specializes in the dissemination of Chinese medicine cultural characteristics animation.”

As we all know, animation is a money-burning industry, no one can casually succeed. Since 2012, Zhang Yunqing has worked hard with a team of more than 60 people. The savings are spent, the house is sold, and the car is mortgaged. However, for the desire to spread the culture of Chinese medicine in his heart, he has never given up.

In October 2019, the 26 episodes of the first “Legend of Ganoderma Village” of “Kebe Bear and the Wooden Chicken”, which took seven years of hard work, were finally awarded a broadcasting license issued by the state and donated to TV stations in March last year. .

Kebei Xiong’s theme song “A Dream Come True” on CCTV

93-year-old painter personally created

According to the script design, each episode of “The Legend of Kebei Bear and the Wooden Chicken: The Legend of Lingzhi Village” tells a number of knowledge points, including the application of authentic Chinese medicinal materials in “Compendium of Materia Medica”. At the end of each episode, one is attached. The first “Soup Tou Song Jue”. Among them, there is one episode of “Tang Tou Ge Jue” which tells the knowledge of pneumonia treatment, and the other episode tells the story of epidemic prevention and fighting.

In order to make contemporary audiences happy to appreciate this somewhat professional animation, the producers are all big names in the industry.

Chen Guangming, the director of “Havoc in Heaven”, serves as the general art adviser of “Kebei Bear and the Wooden Cock”, and he personally controls the animated characters and scene descriptions. Famous singer Huo Feng, director Ding Zejun, musician Xiao Peng, etc., all participated in the creation and production with friendship. This is also the last dubbing work by Zhao Zhongxiang during his lifetime.

In order to reflect the “Chinese style”, from 2012 to 2013, the crew changed the image of the protagonist of the animation 19 times, moving the 93-year-old painter Zhang Shanping to personally create support regardless of his senior years.

In the medical profession, psychology professor Luo Jiaoxiang and medical doctor Chen Fakai jointly check the transformation of various traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, comprehensive guidance and popular science, so that creators can understand it in a popular way and transform it into works.

As a result, the obscure knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine has become bizarre and interesting stories in cartoons. Not only children love to watch, many adults also often follow dramas, and even Chinese medicine workers find inspiration to persuade patients. .

93-year-old Zhang Shanping went out in spite of his senior years and created Kebei bear animation

There may be thousands of episodes in the future

“Just, brave and persistent, we have no problems that can’t be solved, there are no dangers that can’t be solved, there are no dreams that can’t be realized…” The theme song of the traditional Chinese medicine culture series animation “Kebei Bear and Wooden Chicken” was very encouraging during the war. . After the first “Legend of Lingzhi Village” was broadcast, it received rave reviews.

“In the 26 episodes, my child and I didn’t stop at one episode. I watched them all. It was fun and learned a lot.” Ms. Jia, a Hankou resident, said that she couldn’t go out during the epidemic last year. She and her children chased dramas at home and brushed this one. During the animation, they were quickly attracted by the knowledge of Chinese medicine, especially the plot about the treatment of the plague with Chinese herbs, which made them empathize. “It turns out that our ancestors had a long history of fighting the epidemic, and we should pass it on.” Before that, Jia Through the Kebei Xiong Culture Moon Club, the lady has a certain understanding of the animation of Kebei Xiong’s traditional Chinese medicine culture.

Zhang Yunqing introduced that this series of animations, based on classic original works such as Compendium of Materia Medica, Huangdi Neijing, and Tangtou Ge Jue, are upright and innovative. Through animation stories, the culture of traditional Chinese medicine is inherited, so that people can get close to Chinese medicine and know how to use it Medicine maintains health and maintains the body. At the same time, in order to expand the application of traditional Chinese medicine culture, he also relied on the animation image of Kebei Xiong and founded Kebei Xiong Culture Confinement Club to solve the problem of childcare for 0 to 3 years old.

Currently, the second part of the animation is about to be completed, and the third part will be launched later. It is expected that after all is completed, it will be played in a loop, so that the dissemination of Chinese medicine knowledge will start from the doll.

During this period, “Kebei Bear and Wooden Chicken” has won the Hubei Province Animation Outstanding Script and the Hubei Animation Association’s “Most Development Potential” award; the theme song “Dream Come True” was the best in the CCTV Star Kids Spring Festival Gala Performance award.

“In the future, Kebei Xiong Animation will complete the creation of 1892 medicinal materials in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, and mass production will exceed thousands of episodes.” Zhang Yunqing said.

Kebei bear stills

Kebei Xiong Animation hits CCTV (edited by Jia Shurui)

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