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Hello! I hereby offer a largely complete HALO ODST cosplay set due to lack of space. The parts consist of the following parts:

– A complete new set of (untrimmed) vacuum formed armor plates. – A complete new (untrimmed) set of plates for the Jump pack. – These are both made by SeanBreadlyStudios in the US. Instructions for assembling and trimming the plates can be found on SeanBreadlyStudio’s Etsy. Because all plates are still untrimmed, they can still be made to any size. (The pleasure of the Vacuum formed kits, but without the import costs!)

– A HALO ODST helmet made of high impact polymer with a thick polyacrylate visor that is airsoft proof, with a Bluetooth connected LED lighting, where the HappyLighting app can be used to change the colors. A fan to keep your head nice and cool in the busy convention halls. These are both connected to a USB connector for a battery pack or something similar. Wires are available to solder additional fans to. (5 WATT) Foam flinging MA pew pew, also included! This is already primed and is a good base prop to start with.

Selling price: 950,-Shipping costs are at the buyer’s expense (recommended to pick up! Due to the large amount of items and costs involved.) – Location: Borculo, the Netherlands

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