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E 3 is the video game occasion of the year every year. While the E32019 had no reference to the PlayStation, there was still a lot to discover given that they decided to miss out on it this year. Cosplay at E3 is not widely known and is usually booked for PAX and Comic-Con every year. Well, for many years now, E3 has been letting the general public with it in greater numbers, and this is one of the reasons why cosplay has become an even stronger part of the week-long game event.

As with any pastime, there are individuals who just stand out. The following 10 cosplays from E32019 were the most effective of the best.

10 Dead by day

Horror-based cosplay often tends to hold onto the staples of Michael Myers, Jason, and also Freddy Krueger. Thanks to games like Five Nights At Freddy’s and Citizen Evil, which are making a return to survival horror, we are seeing renewed interest in video games in the scary genre and, as a result, they market themselves particularly well because they are a certain niche style of video games. Dead By Daytime is an effective multiplayer game that features unbalanced, scary gameplay. This cosplay actually captures the horror of trying to turn on the engines and flee so that you’re not dead during the day.

9 Yokai-Küche

This is most likely the cosplay on the list that most people won’t acknowledge. It is based on the video game Yokai Kitchen, a card-based mobile title in which the player prepares dishes for charming little pets. The term yokai should be familiar to those who have actually experimented with video games and entertainment with the Pokémon-inspired Yokai Watch series.

Although this cosplay stands for a title that is not particularly prominent or prepared in the west, it is still a simple but well-made representation of a globe and its characters. The only point missing is an adorable animal pal.

8 Last dream 7

Thanks to the PlayStation State of Play in May, followers expected a lot of Last Dream 7 Remake at E32019. Thankfully, Square Enix provided a lot of information as well as gameplay for the long-awaited remake, and fans flocked to take a look at the video game, which is slated for release very early in 2020. Fans mostly expected the reveal of Tifa and her updated look for the remake.

It appears the fans were aware of the upcoming reveal and were busy dressing up the component. Seeing Tifa in action was an additional benefit for those waiting for her brand new version reveal.

7 Destroy all people

Apparently out of nowhere, THQ Nordic announced a remaster of the popular Destroy All People. Despite having a really strong cult, the games never marketed particularly well. Because of this, the announcement of a remaster from the ground up came as a significant surprise to followers. THQ Nordic has left video game reporters both baffled and perplexed by its corporate tech, but it seems like the plan is to grow into the near-liquefied AA midsize gaming market. Time will tell if this was a wise long-term strategy or just history repeats itself.

6 Wario

It’s difficult to walk 3 or 6 meters without encountering a Mario or Luigi cosplayer at conventions all year round. It’s the additional and tertiary personalities that pop up at random and actually put a smile on the face of those who discover them.

Wario is a personality that people either love or hate. He encounters him as a bad-tempered and also rough weirdo, but his followers see him as the essential reversal of everyone’s precious Mario. Choosing to dress up as a pointed, mustached culprit is a vivid selection that many people will surely celebrate, but few will absolutely appreciate it.

5 Assassin’s Creed

The elegance of the E3 lies in the fact that it is a group of past and existing video games. While there wasn’t much new to Assassin’s Creed during this year’s E3, it didn’t stop this gentleman from tackling the role of Alexios from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. While Kassandra is the frustratingly preferred choice for gamers, it’s great to see this person take on the role of a character he takes on despite his lack of attractiveness. With each of the reports swirling around, there could be a Nordic- or Viking-inspired assassin to cosplay as in the years to come.

4 Fortnite

Right now it’s a joke that Fortnite is as big as it is. There are many banners out there, mostly making a name for themselves in the free-to-play fight royale phenomenon. Legendary Gamings capitalized on its unlimited ocean of money by revamping a large location on the E3 show floor and dedicating it to Fortnite. This Care Bear-inspired skin is just one of the more prominent the game has to offer, and it’s no surprise why it showed up in its massive E3 takeover phase, either. There have been various other character skins that have been cosplayed, but the pink bear was probably one of the most notable among them.

3 lifeline

Apex Legends has shown the whole world how great respawn home entertainment is to the establishment of games. Titanfall 2 was one of the best-received first-person shooter campaigns of the current generation of consoles and was praised for its creativity, craftsmanship and also consistency.

Since Peak Legends is free to play, it provides an extremely accessible access point for millions. Lifeline is the leading healer and also the preferred character of many people. This cosplay really captures her enchanting beauty completely. It is also a fantastic thing that the recovery bot looks like it is floating.

2 Darksiders Genesis

Just before the start of E32019, the author THQ Nordic revealed some brand new games that they are sure to bring to market in 2019 and in the past as well. Among those video games was a Darksiders spin-off that was reminiscent of the Diablo games in its isometric dungeon-crawling gameplay reveal. It’s called Darksiders Genesis and has been a welcome surprise for many. The Darksiders community may be divided on whether they want this offshoot, but the cosplay community seemed touched. Team cosplay is always interesting, especially for a video game that appeared out of nowhere.

1 peak legends

Although Electronic Arts often tends to put the worst meeting on every E3, and even decided to miss a 2019 meeting, they still showed off some of the most effective Peak Legends cosplays on the planet. For every character in the game there was a cosplayer made up of the brand new personality announced on the same day as the EA Play event in Los Angeles, California. Team cosplay is usually the best, considering that it requires effort and planning of various moving components over weeks and months. Having each of these stories together in reality was a standout cosplay moment of all time.

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