10 amazing anime that got mediocre in the latest episode

Whether they are movies, television shows, books or anime, there is no shortage of examples in which the story started well, especially because of its interesting premise or because of its atypical protagonists, but it quickly became another common story.

The reasons can be varied, the most common being that studios or publishers opt for a more generic / tropic story to attract more viewers or readers. Sometimes the creators themselves run out of original ideas, so they are forced to turn to proven formulas that worked well for their predecessors.

10 Claymore: A rare shonen anime with a female lead that quickly became predictable after 2 arcs

Claymore did everything right, including having a strong female lead and a useless male lead who needed protection from the female lead all the time.

However, the series not only became a sad victim of replay, it was also a disappointment as fans waited until the last arc of the anime for Clare’s penultimate fight with the Awakened Beast, which ultimately turned out to be mediocre, not only visually, but also in terms of plot.

9 Charlotte: An anime about kids with superpowers who couldn’t decide what genre they wanted to be

The characters in this anime went berserk to the end, having little to no motivation or reasons behind their actions, always behaving out of character, and conveniently boxing themselves into character tropes when necessary.

Even to the end, the anime did not explain why children were given superpowers, why they couldn’t use them at certain times, or why they never involved any adults in their affairs.

8 Other: A horror and mystery anime that ended without answering its obvious plot holes

The first 10 episodes of the anime focused on Mei’s connection to the Mei of the past (who did not exist) and the bloody death of all of Kouichi’s companions.

Then came episode 10, in which Mei reveals that she knows who the Other is, prompting the most obvious question: why did she keep quiet for 10 episodes? The anime never answered that question, among many others, leaving viewers disappointed.

7 Erased: A mysterious anime that exposed the identity of its killer from episode 1

When the antagonist Gaku Yashiro was introduced at the beginning of the anime, most fans of the series assumed it was a red herring because, really, what anime would be foolish enough to reveal the biggest mystery of its series in the first episode?

However, towards the end, when Gaku turned out to be the serial killer that everyone was looking for, most of the fans were too disappointed to even participate in the fan forums regarding this big “reveal”.

6 Yuri !!! On Ice: A sports-romantic anime that rushed into its plot progression

For an anime promoting itself as the LGBT + anime of the season, the best it did Yuri On Ice was portraying a disappointingly ambiguous relationship between two male leads whose kiss was censored on screen, as well as the fact that they shared rings with each other, without the word engagement being mentioned, ever.

While many fans were happy with just this aspect, others criticized the anime’s poor sporting aspect, how Viktor casually stopped training Yuri Plisitsky, and how, throughout the series, it was Yuri who was portrayed as the antagonist, when actually, it was Viktor.

5 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: An Attack On Titan replica that stayed the same until the end

Aside from being in a steampunk world where zombies called kabaneri were rampaging, this copy ofAttack on Titan didn’t offer fans anything different.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the anime was its main antagonist, Biba, who appeared very late in episode 10, explained his goals, did evil things, and lost a fight against the good guys and died, all in 2 episodes.

4 Toradora: Teens In An Unhealthy Relationship Decide To Get Married

From the beginning, the biggest problem in this anime was normalizing an abusive relationship as a romantic relationship. As if that were not enough, it ends with the victim of abuse (Ryuuji) agreeing to marry her abuser (Taiga).

Sadly, Taiga didn’t show much progress in stopping physically and verbally abusing Ryuuji, as that would be the most logical way to treat your better half. Unsurprisingly, many fans were outraged at this sad evolution of anime.

3 Tower of God: Doesn’t answer the numerous plot holes and questions the first season raised

From the beginning, the anime did not answer the most basic questions about its world, something that fans ignored while waiting for the great action sequences and the fight against the final boss. Although the fights were good and the antagonists were good, nothing had prepared the fans for the way Rachel acted.

Not only were his actions very selfish, but they also didn’t make any logical sense. A little communication on his part would have solved a lot of problems and the last arc was something both manhwa and anime fans were unable to forgive.

2 SK8 The Infinite: A sadistic villain was forgiven by the hero in the last episode

The problem with this series was how much he wanted to achieve in 12 episodes. However, at the end of the last few arcs, fans realized that characters like Miya were useless, Joe and Cherry’s fight was never explained, nor was the antagonist Adam’s intentions.

To make matters worse, Adam was given a tragic backstory and an unnecessary redemption arc (or rather, 10 minutes into the final episode), something that fans collectively chose to ignore.

1 Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without work: A degenerate who reincarnates in the body of a child and remains a degenerate

This man indulged in immoral criminal activities (which should have landed him in jail) before being reborn in the isekai world. Even as a child, he considered all women (regardless of age or relationship to him) as a target for his sexual advances.

By the end of the first season, he hadn’t learned any lessons from his past life, he hadn’t become a better human being, and he kept getting rewarded for his criminal behavior in his new world, constantly. If MyAnimeList reviews are the most important, viewers had nothing but a negative reaction to this anime.

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