10 anime characters that work best alone

Not all central characters in an anime like to work alone. Most of the time, the main characters are grouped into a group, where some individuals prosper and others quietly fade away. But there is something about solitaires that attracts fans, no matter how much screen time those characters have.

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Teamwork is very important in any situation that disrupts the plot in an anime, and going solo is generally considered a sign of imminent danger for the character. However, some do not mind, as they like to go about their business in an introverted way. They simply must work alone.

10 Tatsuhiro Satou believes the government is conspiring against him (Welcome to NH K)

Tatsuhiro Satou is not one of those people who can be easily persuaded to leave his house. He is the protagonist of Welcome to the N. H. K And, for whatever reason, he believes that the government is conspiring to prevent him from enjoying his life.

Although the statement itself is very silly, it leads Tatsuhiro to isolate himself from the world. Eventually, he meets a girl in the real world, but still has an affinity for doing it all alone.

9 Jiren lacks emotional connections in his life (Dragon Ball)

Jiren is one of the strongest mortals in the multiverse of Dragon Ball And, despite having the Pride Troops by his side, he was practically a lone fighter in the Tournament of Power. So much so that he ordered his teammates to stay behind when Goku first activated Ultra Instinct.

Not much background on Jiren has been provided, but from the looks of it, he appears to be someone who lacks emotional connections in his life. However, his lonely way of being has made him that strong.

8 Takumi Nishijou doesn’t let anyone into his world (Chaos)

The world of Chaos is aptly defined by the title of the anime. Takumi Nishijou is someone who doesn’t let anyone into his world. He likes to keep things to himself, video games being his biggest obsession, along with daydreaming.

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Takumi’s delusions are no small thing. You can make them seem real and as a result you keep busy with a fictional love that you have created in your mind. Despite working alone, Takumi has massively helped the world around him.

7 Revy just prefers to work solo (Black Lagoon)

Black Lagoon shows a very dark world, full of lust for power, money and murder. Revy is one of the central girls who endures the pain of living in such a hot place, but make no mistake, she is not someone to feel sorry for.

He is able to finish off his enemies with his signature pistols before they see him coming. Once something is proposed, it rarely fails. Despite working with a group of girls, Revy is never willing to work in a squad. She just wants to go alone and rarely fails.

6 Houtarou Oreki simply lacks the energy needed to be part of a team (Hyouka)

Houtarou Oreki simply lacks the energy to work with someone. It comes from the world of Hyouka, where he joins a literature club that doesn’t interest him because his sister asked him to. Houtarou doesn’t seem to be interested in anything and most of the time he doesn’t react very well to any advice.

Despite this, being a loner is his strong point. Looking at him, anyone can be fooled into thinking that he is lazy when in fact, his brain works overtime.

5 Guts doesn’t care about anyone but himself (Beserk)

Berserk is an anime full of fighting between elite fighters. Guts is the most impressive character of all and his nicknames attest to that. Known as the Black Swordsman, Guts just doesn’t care about anyone and does what he thinks needs to be done.

Despite having a squad and all that, Guts likes to be a loner, and who can blame him, really, as he’s accomplished some incredible things in battle alone. He has witnessed some dire things on the battlefield since he was a child, and as a result, Guts has never loved anyone but himself.

4 No one else is on Saitama’s level, so he must work alone (One Punch Man)

Saitama is one of the most popular superhero figures in anime history. One Punch Man It does not need an introduction, nor does the central character of the story. Saitama trained so much that he was able to defeat anyone with a single punch.

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Realizing that there is simply no one on his level, Saitama’s life became a bit boring. Due to the type of work he does, Saitama likes to be alone as he conjures up ways to knock out the enemy.

3 Light Yagami has a clear dislike for others

Light Yagami is an absolute genius who could not bear the boring nature of the world around him in Death Note. A Shinigami murder novel was probably what he needed to get some excitement in his life.

Light is an introverted young man who shows a clear dislike towards his fellow men. He is capable of devising the most devious plans and is at his best when there is no one to bother him and his mind.

2 Vegeta’s natural instinct is to push people away

The Saiyan Prince fell to Earth as one of the most evil beings in the multiverse of Dragon Ball. He couldn’t care for anyone but himself until Goku had a lasting impact on his personality. Vegeta changed for the better, but his tendency to be alone hasn’t disappeared.

He feels uncomfortable even talking to his family and if he ever has a chance to fight an opponent, he does it alone. He calls it Saiyan pride and there aren’t many instances where he’s let down his fellow Z-Fighters.

1 Sasuke’s trauma makes it difficult for him to form emotional bonds

Sasuke de Naruto has always had a coldness. He witnessed something horrible in his childhood and due to the trauma of that incident, he has stayed away from emotional connections.

For a time he seemed to develop a friendship with Sakura and Naruto, but didn’t think twice before abandoning them for power. He is a very good ninja who can work with a squad, but some of his best moments have come when he was alone.

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