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Predestination is one of the greatest existential concepts that people ponder every day. So much so that not only is fate questioned thematically in some anime, but it is actively and literally fought against in others.

But unfortunately, some anime characters cannot escape their destiny no matter what they do. Some are simply doomed to suffer a single and ultimate depressing, while others actually make matters worse by defying the inevitable.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

10 Good luck girl! – Ichiko Sakura can’t let go of her ridiculous good luck

On paper, Ichiko’s life is enviable. Ichiko was literally born lucky, but her fortune feeds off that of others. This means that it not only drains the luck of others, but also unbalances the cosmic karmic balance. As divine intervention, Momiji, the Goddess of Misfortune, was sent to reverse Ichiko’s fortunes.

Besides always being on the run from a comically vengeful goddess, Ichiko’s perfect life is also boring. Since everything comes out to order, Ichiko does not grow or learn as a person. This is best explored in the manga, as the anime focuses on Ichiko’s inescapable foolish fate as much as the futile wrath of vengeful goddesses.

9 Haruhi Suzumiya’s melancholy – Kyon was chosen by the goddess Haruhi

Kyon just wants to live an ordinary life in high school, but that dream fell apart the moment he decided to talk to his eccentric classmate, Haruhi. And not just because he accidentally gave her the concept of founding the SOS Brigade, but because his mere presence gave Haruhi a reason to end reality if she so desired.

Specifically, Haruhi’s divinity was kept secret until Kyon entered her life. Kyon denied having anything to do with Haruhi’s resurgence, but was assured by stakeholders that he was specifically chosen by Haruhi for a reason. Like it or not, Kyon was now a constant part or even the cause of Haruhi’s antics.

8 Attack on Titan – Eren Yeager fought one war only to enter another

Ever since the Colossus Titan broke the Wall of Mary and condemned the Shiganshina District, the orphan Eren knew that he was trapped by the walls of Paradis Island and the defeatist attitude of its population. Eren put all his effort into fighting his way out of there, only to realize that not only would he not change much of a thing, but his efforts were ultimately futile.

When the Inspection Corps reached the edge of Paradise Island, Eren realized that he was not the last sanctuary of mankind. Paradis ran a penal colony for outcast Eldians, which meant that defeating the island’s Titans did not save humanity, but only left the Eldians open to attack from the world beyond the walls. In short, Eren was trapped in war from birth, and has resigned himself to it in the last season.

7 My Hero Academia – Sir Nighteye’s Quirk made him cynical beyond reason

As the name suggests, Sir Nighteye’s power, foresight, enables him to see important visions of the future. The downside is that, after seeing so many catastrophic scenarios come to life, Sir Nighteye became incredibly fatalistic. Although this made him a dangerously pragmatic hero, Sir Nighteye accidentally limited his own potential.

Since Sir Nighteye always believed that the worst would happen to him and others, his foresight always showed him what he already expected. While prioritizing the fates of others, such as All Would possibly and Izuku Midoriya, Sir Nighteye unknowingly caught himself in a self-fulfilling prophecy that ended with his inevitable death.

6 Re: Zero – Natsuki Subaru’s superpower trapped him in an inescapable cycle of death and suffering

For foreigners, the gift of technical immortality is enviable. For its user, however, it is a fate worse than death. For reasons that have not yet been revealed, Subaru woke up in the kingdom of Lugnica with the Return by Death ability, which revives him each time he dies and places him back at a certain starting point.

Try as he might, Subaru cannot escape the hell in which his awesome power has trapped him. Despite his genuine efforts to improve and avoid the worst possible outcomes, Subaru always finds himself at the mercy of fate – or worse, survives long enough to see those he has come to love die horribly.

5 Steins; Gate – Mayuri Shiina died horribly in countless timelines

Whereas Rintaro Okabe undoubtedly went through hell and back through time loops, no one suffered more than her cute childhood friend Mayuri. One of the worst constants of the timelines Okabe was in was that Mayuri died horribly, and he was always too late to save her or he simply couldn’t do anything to help her.

For most of the last arc of Steins;Gate, , Okabe was caught in an endless loop of timelines that always ended with Mayuri’s death. Whatever she did, Mayuri was doomed to die, regardless of the fact that her last death was neither the first nor the last. Ultimately, Mayuri was saved from a dark fate, but it was thanks to the efforts of Okabe and Kurisu, not her own.

4 Zombie Land Saga – All members of Franchouchou were killed by Saga’s curse

Aside from being undead idols, one thing Franchouchou members share is that they all dreamed of living incredible lives outside of the mundane Saga prefecture before they died. Although this could be attributed to bad luck, the truth is more insidious: there is a curse in Saga that kills those who could make the province in style.

This invisible force keeps Saga bored at all costs, and for this she killed aspiring singer Sakura Minamoto and her fellow idols through “accidents.” Although Franchouchou and his manager and Kotaro Tatsumi gave their best in every performance, they are still at Saga’s mercy, as seen in natural disasters and in Kotaro’s poor health.

3 Berserk – Guts’ life is one of the many victims of the laws of causality

From his birth, Guts knew only pain and suffering. For a long time, the man who would become the Black Swordsman attributed it to chance and the unpredictability of life … only to discover that his life and everyone else’s are little more than toys to the extra-dimensional beings known as the Hand of God.

The Hand of God weaves destiny at will, and does not pay attention to those who endanger and kill. After barely surviving the Eclipse, Guts dedicated his life to hunting down the Hand of God and killing its newest member, Femto. The problem is that everything he does does nothing more than advance the agenda of the Hand of God, and his challenge was, to some extent, planned.

2 Devilman Crybaby – Ryo Asuka’s challenge is part of her divine punishment

In the ultraviolent midpoint of Devilman Crybaby, , Ryo finally understood why he seemed to have a growing resentment towards people: he is actually an amnesiac Satan, and his envy and hatred of God’s favorite creation never left him. Furious upon realizing what has been done to him, Ryo embraced his satanic side and unleashed his demons on Earth.

The thing is that all this was part of the torment of God. As punishment for his rebellion, Satan was not only stripped of his memories and thrown to Earth, but he was condemned to an unbreakable time loop. Every time Satan remembered his old self, he was destined to destroy the Earth, kill his only chance for love and redemption, and repeat the cycle forever.

1 Neon Genesis Evangelion – Shinji Ikari was manipulated to end the world from the beginning

One of the central themes of Neon Genesis Evangelion He felt helpless in the face of an indifferent world and an unattractive self, and no one embodied it better than Shinji. Despite his best attempts, Shinji was never able to change his destiny or avoid becoming the trigger for the Third Impact, because even his rebellion was part of the plan.

From the moment he set foot in Tokyo-3 until he chose Human Instrumentality, everything Shinji did was according to the designs of his father Gendo and the ancient SEELE conspiracy. Worse, these grand plans only made Shinji’s already fragile psychological state worse, trapping him in an inescapable loop of misery and self-loathing.

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