10 anime transformations stronger than Ultra Instinct

Son Goku is known for his powerful transformations, and one of the strongest is Ultra Instinct, which cuts off the consciousness of the body and is believed to be even more powerful than his Super Saiyan Blue form. Although angels are believed to have a similar technique, their version does not involve a transformation. However, the gods seem to recognize this state, suggesting that Goku might not be the only person – or the first – to unlock this form.

Character transformations are a staple of anime – also known as henshin hero – but even heroes who often transform to do their job often have an even more powerful form that they can use when the situation calls for it.

10 Sailor Moon: Usagi is the most powerful as Neo-Queen Serenity

Usagi often transforms into Princess Serenity – or even Neo-Queen Serenity, her future form – during the final battle against the main villain of a story arc.

As queen, Usagi seems to be more powerful. She doesn’t even need to transform into Sailor Moon anymore. According to the continuity, he used this form to finish off Wiseman and Queen Nehelennia and restore Earth after the fight with Faroa 90, seemingly immune to the laws of time and space. The only possibly more powerful form is that of Sailor Cosmos, but the Neo Queen Serenity has a longer winning streak given that she fled her timeline.

9 Bleach: The Bankai can multiply by ten its power

In the universe of Bleach, Bankai refers to the final form of a Shinigami’s Zanpakuto and is said to be the ultimate Shinigami technique. That said, it is rare for a shinigami to obtain this power. The power that Bankai grants varies from user to user. In general, this form is achieved with the training and submission of the Zanpakuto.

Typically creates a great effect and can multiply the power of the user tenfold. There are a few caveats: Power is lost if the user is on the brink of death, and once it is broken, it can never be fully recovered again.

8 Princess Tutu: winged tutu is hope personified

Before Ahiru took up the mantle, it is implied that Princess Tutu was already a popular tale character in the series. On one occasion she is seen in a slightly different illustration than Ahiru when she transforms, mostly having wings for arms. Although initially it seems a reference to Tutu looking like a giant swan to the other characters, the final battle with the Raven suggests that this is Tutu’s ultimate form, which Ahiru arrives at despite having lost her power to become a human.

Ahiru eventually breaks the Raven’s control over the city in this way and allows the other characters to defeat the Raven, stopping Drosselmeyer’s machinations once and for all, essentially breaking history from within.

7 Pretar: The legendary white Pretear can revive the dead

By merging with the seven knights of Leafe, Himeno can individually gain control of one of the seven elements: wind, sound, fire, light, ice, water, and plants. However, over time Himeno is shown to have an even more powerful form that she can take on on her own: the legendary Pretear Blanco.

In this form, Himeno is not only capable of defeating the Great Tree of Fenrir. He is even capable of reviving the dead, like when he heals Sasame.

6 Fairy Tail: At its maximum power, the Dragon Force turns the user into a dragon

In this series, the Dragon Slayers have the Dragon Force, which gives them the power of dragons. It can be obtained through training or magic.

Even in its basic form, the user essentially turns into a humanoid dragon. When fully realized, the power of the Dragon Force can transform the user into full and literal dragons. Similarly, when fully realized, a user’s magical power appears to take on a destructive and corporeal form.

5 One Piece: Luffy is barely recognized in fourth gear

The power of Luffy’s Devil Fruit, which comes from the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit, already turns him essentially into living gum. But he has been shown to hone his skills with specialized techniques, as seen when reaching second and third gear.

In Gear Four, he has three main forms: Boundman, who turns him into a living ball and concentrates his power on defense; Tankman, which makes him a living weapon. And Snakeman, who enhances his offensive skills.

4 Hunter X Hunter: Gon Has All The Powers He Will Ever Have With The Limitation Transformation

With a Vow, Gon could access the Limitation Transformation, which unlocks all the power he will have, including the physical aging of his body to maturity. With his increased strength, abilities, and enhanced aura, he gains powers that would have taken him decades to master.

The form has a price, which includes a compressed life, deterioration of the body and loss of consciousness, but it is not impossible to recover from these problems.

3 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Kars may become the ultimate being

Kars can become the Ultimate Being, increasing his shapeshifting powers, unlocking all life forms on Earth. This ability renders his previous powers obsolete.

As an ultimate life form, it is effectively immortal, ageless, can fly, and has enhanced intelligence and senses. Although technically he can still be wounded, he can regenerate in no time. In this form, he can only be taunted to be knocked down.

2 Naruto: Naruto also combines his transformations with the sage mode of the six paths

Naruto has been shown using multiple powerful forms such as the Sage Mode – which increases strength and energy, with a time limit that Naruto somehow managed to break – and the Nine-Tailed Fox Mode – which helps him achieve great power. when taking out the power of Kurama-.

You can even fuse them into Six Paths Sage Mode, which gives you the ability to levitate and the ability to create Balls of Truth.

1 Akira: Akira becomes a being of energy and effectively a God

The main character ofAkira he is a powerful psychic and former member of the Espers; He can essentially warp reality to his will, as demonstrated when he destroys Tokyo. In the end it is explained that the government created him, but lost control over him when he became more powerful.

In the end he ascends to a form of energy, and it is more or less implied that he becomes the god of another dimension.

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