10 Assassination Classroom Cosplay That Look Like Anime

Few can argue that Assassination Classroom esa great anime, full of great characters that make the viewer want to support them. Even those that initially seem unsavory take on greater depth as the anime progresses, and it also has one of the saddest endings of any anime. With a large cast of main and supporting characters, there are many characters that fans enjoy cosplaying.

She also offers an aid to cosplayers through Nagisa, who is easily costly by both genders due to her androgynous appearance. The costumes themselves aren’t too difficult to wear either, as many require dress clothes and little else, Koro-sensei notwithstanding.

10 blades out

The work that Saralyn_Dawn has performed on your sheet is commendable. It has a sense of realism that is often lacking in prop weapons. While it lacks any sharp edges, it looks like a knife should, and on top of that, the writing on it is clean and doesn’t stick together. Lets read what it says quite clearly. They manage to do a good job with Nagisa’s hair and make the ponytails pronounced enough to see, but not over the top.

9 bad side

Of all the characters in Assassination Classroom, Karma is the last person anyone would want to have on the bad side, as he is known for his violence – to the point that he has gotten suspended before. It is an emotion that this cosplay photo exudes by Lxexo. It’s not just that he holds the knife, but how he does it. His knuckles are flexed, the grip as strong as can be. The look in his eyes also helps sell him, showing how unafraid Karma was of mingling with people.

8 Best Buddies

Of all the characters in Assassination Classroom, none had a better friendship together than Nagisa and Karma. They had their ups and downs, but they always managed to keep their bond intact. So much Cosplay. cass (Nagisa) como Strawberryluu (Karma) show that closeness well here.

They both seem delighted to be together, enjoying the moment. It helps to mask the fact that neither of them is wearing traditional classroom attire, making their wigs the only distinguishing feature.

7 Beautiful Blues

Irina’s hair is quite easy to manage, something that Sekai.v easily. Contact lenses are a different story, as finding the right tint is often more difficult than it sounds. In this case, the blue eyes stand out between the pale blonde locks and her lighter skin. It is better that the photo focuses on his face rather than the rest of the cosplay, showing the great resemblance he has to the character.

6 Caught Red-handed

Karma is best known for his sadistic and violent streak, but he has always been mischievous as well. Even Karasuma said that there was a mischievous glint in his eyes. Expression Babie_png Looks like Karma was caught red-handed and is trying to pretend it didn’t do anything. Remember a child who got caught red-handed. An underrated facet of cosplay is the look of the weapon, which appears to have suffered some wear and tear. Accessories often end up looking too pristine.

5 Blazing

The wig is the first thing that catches your eye, and with how red it is, it does so with good reason. It is one of the brightest red wigs you can buy, which gives new meaning to fiery red hair.

Glitter is a recurring theme in cosplay from Katsukioz, as their contact lenses are equally eye-catching. When the rest of the cosplay is just standard dress clothes, someone would have to get the other parts of the character right, and they do it in spades here.

4 sent

Few characters of Assassination Classroom they are as close as Karma and Nagisa. It is not difficult to see why they are so close and have an air of attraction of the opposites that everyone loves. The fans’ desire to see them together is evident in Sino_tn (Nagisa) and Rini (Karma). The viewer can feel the warmth they profess for each other through the image, which possesses an aura that can only come from happy couples.

3 The class is in progress

Apart from Koro-sensei, no teacher ever made Irina have a lasting impact. He is an unusual character whose model appearance plays perfectly with his personality. Ladyaurora shows her arrogant personality very well in this picture. You can tell that he is in command of the room at all times, with or without sword in hand. The waviness of her hair fits well with anime, giving her a more textured look than some wigs.

2 Ready to hit

Camera angles can be an advantage for cosplay photos, as they allow you to tell a story through an image rather than just pose someone. As the photo is taken, it appears that Nagisa is about to drive her sword into an enemy she has incapacitated. Help improve the already good cosplay de MMS_Cosplay . The hair and outfit set are perfect, almost making the wig match the color of the vest. The expression on her face is great for Nagisa and shows the same calm and calm that the character had.

1 Love and compassion

Rarely is a minor character as beloved or memorable as Aguri, as her small role helped define Koro-sensei. She helps teach him compassion and love, making him a great character. That feeling is felt in all this photo of Aguri Yukimura with Koro-sensei. Koro-sensei’s cosplay is the more eye-catching of the two, but there is a simplistic beauty to what Aguri does. Everything is in the look of their eyes, which tell you their feelings without a word.

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