10 Comics That Would Make Great Anime Adaptations

Most anime are based on popular manga, although some of the early anime were inspired by Disney and popular American television shows. Little by little, anime was gaining popularity in countries outside of Japan, and today there are animes that have become money-generating properties. The series Naruto, Sailor Moon Y Dragon Ball they have achieved worldwide fame.

Japan has shown some interest in adapting comics from other countries to anime, but these usually don’t work as well as stories created in Japan. It would be easy to draw inspiration from comics to create a unique anime. The anime could reach an even larger foreign audience by adapting stories originating outside of Japan.

10 the Boys: toughest heroes and their most mature antics would be fine in anime

The Boys is a comic book series written by Garth Ennis with art by Darick Robertson. It was originally published through Wildstorm, and has since been exposed to a mainstream audience thanks to the well-received live-action adaptation available through Amazon’s streaming service.

The comic takes place in a world of troubled superheroes who don’t have as good hearts as the typical comic book hero. A small group associated with the CIA tries to hold the world’s corrupt heroes to account. The rawness of the story could be suitably suited to anime, and could probably take things even further than the Amazon series has.

9 Mortal Class: A school for villains already sounds like an anime premise

Deadly Class was written by Rick Remender and features illustrations by Wes Craig and Jason Wordie. The comic was published through Image Comics and was also made into a short-lived television series that aired on Syfy.

The comic is set in a San Francisco boarding school where crime families around the world send their children to become trained assassins. The story revolves around an orphan named Mario López Arguello who was accepted into the school but treated as an outcast.

8 Assassin’s Creed: the rumored Netflix series should go the anime route

Comics Assassin’ s Creed began publishing in 2015, inspired by the popular video game franchise that elegantly blends history with mythology. Netflix rumored to be filming a series based on the Assassin universe s Creed.

Comics tend to follow two simultaneous plot lines: One set in the past and the other today. The different story arcs of the comics are set in different times and places. It would be relatively easy to adapt the comics to an anime, having each season set in a different time and place.

7 The Dollhouse Family: The Comic Would Fit Well Into The Horror Genre Of Anime

The Dollhouse Family It was written by MR Carey with art by Peter Gross. This horror-themed comic tells the story of a girl, Alice, who is gifted a twisted dollhouse. The dollhouse family wants to keep the girl forever.

At first, Alice was fond of the magical dollhouse and family, as her own family was not that warm and loving. However, she soon begins to realize how dangerous the Dollhouse family is. Whatever you do, it seems like you can never fully escape them.

6 Blacksad: the Noir Detective Series would make a great mystery-based anime

Blacksad is a European comic published in North America by Dark Horse Comics. The comic was written by Juan Díaz Canales with art by Juanjo Guarnido, and was originally published in French. It was also adapted into a video game in 2019 for multiple platforms.

The comic is inspired by film noir and is set in 1950s America. John Blacksad is a cynical private investigator who often has to get to the bottom of whatever mystery he finds himself in.

5 Blade: the vicious vampire slayer already looks like an anime antihero

Blade is a Marvel Comics vampire hunter, created by Marv Wolfman along with Gene Colan. Blade has powers that tend to give him an advantage in a fight. It has already been animated, but the short series only lasted one season.

A full-length anime, fully exploring the character and his story, would be amazing. Since the character is about to join the MCU, there is no doubt that his popularity will rise. The badass vampire hunter would be just as interesting on the small screen.

4 The Sandman: Tragic Hero Could Tell A Painfully Beautiful Anime Story

The Sandman is a comic written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by various artists. It was initially published on Vertigo Comics, a DC label. The comic revolves around Morpheus, also known as Dream.

Morpheus was kidnapped for 70 years before he managed to escape. He embarks on a mission of revenge, his story being more of a tragedy. The popularity of the series has spawned a series of spinoff comics that could also be incorporated into an anime.

3 Dark Nights – Metal: The Laughing Batman would make a great anime villain

Dark Nights: Metal tells the dark story of an evil group of Batman who invades the main universe. The story was written by Scott Snyder and features art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia.

The Justice League is forced to fight several Batman, all led by the Laughing Batman. In subsequent comics, the Laughing Batman makes numerous comebacks. The character would make an incredible anime villain in a series that would obviously incorporate darker elements.

2 Power Rangers: Already has its roots in classic anime franchises

The Power Rangers Americans relied on / used material from the Japanese franchise Super Sentai . In 2015, a comic book spin-off of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. With all of this in mind, incorporating the comic into an anime would close the loop and return to its original Japanese roots.

The comic has expanded on the original story, and adapting exclusive comic book stories from such a popular franchise would undoubtedly make for an excellent anime. Given the los Power Rangers are already heavily influenced by Voltron and other mecha / superrobots franchises, it’s not hard to imagine an anime adaptation.

1 X-Men: The team already had a brief flirtation with the anime

Friendship and teamwork have become important elements in anime. That would undoubtedly be an advantage in the anime adaptation of the X-Men. The various fan-favorite X-Men would work well in an anime. The X-Men have appeared in short anime series before, but a more developed anime series would do well.

A long X-Men anime would be a huge success. With decades of original material to work with, the anime could adapt a wide variety of stories. The series could go on for years. Since the comics have been adapted to the manga, Japan is already familiar with the famous comics team and would undoubtedly be delighted with an anime that was inspired by both the manga and the team’s comics history.

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