10 misleading openings that don’t match the anime

The anime’s openings serve many functions: they make the show seem more exciting, they highlight the characters, and most of all, they give the viewer an idea of ​​the show’s plot and themes. A series of action, like Bleach, often uses music of great intensity to excite viewers, while a series of magical girls, such as Cardcaptor Sakura, tends to focus more on images.

However, sometimes a production company decides to mislead the viewer by purposely using images and / or music that are associated with a different genre to mislead the viewer and subvert expectations. When done right, these series are often praised for their great twist. When done wrong, it can be a misrepresentation of the show. Caution: major spoilers for the series are coming.

10 School-Live! – his lighthearted introduction is about making friends and doing club activities together

The opening theme ofSchool-Live! It’s a lively and upbeat tune, with an energetic Yuki running around the school after Taroumaru, the club’s dog. He meets his friends on the way as flowers and colors illuminate the background around him. Even the lyrics are upbeat, as the song talks about making friends and doing club activities together.

However, the joyous introduction of School-Live! it is a facade. The reality is that Yuki and her friends live at the school as some of the only survivors of a zombie apocalypse, and each day is a struggle to stay alive. Yuki, who cannot face that reality, has created a fantasy in which everyone is happy and everything is fine. As the series reveals the truth, the theme music is gradually changing to keep up.

9 Death Parade: It has a carefree and whimsical air, which makes the anime seem like a fun and enjoyable series.

The underrated opening ofDeath Parade presents anime as light-hearted and whimsical, with a feeling of togetherness. The characters dance in choreographed routines, drink and play at the bar, sing and enjoy each other’s company, and even swing on the chandelier. The whole opening makes the anime seem like a fun and enjoyable series.

However, this series is actually a psychological series that deals with the human psyche, betrayal, and consequences. Decim, the waiter, and the other referees push unsuspecting people into ambiguous situations to see how they react. Based on their reaction, they choose whether players are reincarnated or sent into the void. Yet Decim struggles to understand why these people act the way they do. As Decim prepares his games, his assistant should help him understand his players.

8 Shadow Star Narutaru – The whole song makes the anime look very childish

The opening ofNarutaru it is very misleading. The opening shows cartoon versions of 3 of the main characters marching with big smiles on their faces. Shiina, the main character, appears doing random things, like yelling at Hoshimaru, crying comically, fighting in a Godzilla-like way, and going to bed. The whole song makes the anime look very childish. It is not.

Actually, Narutaru is a suspense series in which powerful beings called Shadow Dragons are linked to people, and used by terrorist groups to try to commit mass murder. Shiina and her friends are faced with many horrible events that cause them to become mentally broken throughout the series. This anime may look pretty, but it deals with extremely mature themes and nothing is saved.

7 Watamote: No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault I’m not popular – it’s presented as just another horror or psychological series

The opening theme ofWatamote it includes screaming, screaming, blurred images and the image of Tomoko as a rebel trying to break free from her chains. This makes the series seem more nervous and presents itself as a horror or psychological series.

However, as fans know, Watamote is actually a life-cutting series about a socially awkward, anxious, and somewhat perverted otaku who struggles to make friends and even talk to people. The series follows Tomoko as she develops her social skills and deals with everyday situations that make her feel uncomfortable. Tomoko’s social anxiety is a topic that many fans will relate to, and viewers will share her shame on her life.

6 Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Its opening theme is similar to traditional openings from magical girl anime.

The opening theme ofMadoka Magica shows Madoka being clumsy, accidentally making an afro, blowing up her dress like a balloon, and being carried away by birds, among other things. She also undergoes a magical girl transformation.

However, the series Madoka Magica it’s psychological and turns the magical girl genre upside down. In reality, the girls are trapped in an endless cycle of fighting witches until they are either killed by them or become witches themselves, and although the opening mainly shows Madoka as a magical girl, in this timeline she doesn’t actually makes a contract to the end.

5 Asobi Asobase – The anime looks like a general cut-off series

Asobi Asobase it has a very soft opening song with images of 3 girls in white dresses singing in front of a patio. He alternates between them, showing each one of them in a field of flowers in various poses. The girls hold hands and it ends with them smiling and jumping together. Overall, the anime seems like a cut-of-life series.

However, the series is actually a comedy with multiple jokes and gags in each episode. The girls are members of the “hobby club”, where they play and find new and interesting activities to try. Many of the jokes carry over to later episodes, maintaining the continuity of the series.

4 Death Note: What’s up people? – The opening makes the anime look more like an action-based horror series

The second opening ofDeath Note uses a metal song over a series of shimmering, shimmering images that descend into darker images. It features various characters using weapons, L spinning kicks in the air and Light walking while other characters appear on screen with glowing eyes, and ends with several scary-style quick shots.

The opening makes the anime look more like an action-based horror series. Nevertheless, Death Note is actually a psychological mystery series that follows Light Yagami, who becomes a serial killer named Kira who kills using the Death Note. The series is intense, but moves more slowly than is implied, focusing on wit and intelligence as the two geniuses try to get the other to make a mistake.

3 Made In Abyss – uses a lighthearted opening song with bright and beautiful images

Made In Abyss uses a joyous opening song, with bright and beautiful images, and two happy children exploring the area before meeting and setting off on their journey together. However, this series, although considered a sci-fi adventure series, is quite dark.

Riko, a young woman, dreams of venturing into the depths of the abyss to see what lies below. He meets Reg, a robot with the appearance of a young boy, and the two decide to descend together into the abyss. This series is rated for ages 17 and up, and for good reason. It has many terrifying moments and includes graphic and violent scenes. As the duo delve further and further into the abyss, the series grows darker, and the hope grows dimmer.

2 Naruto Shippuden: Newsong – song jumps between genres multiple times in a couple of minutes

One of the most controversial opening songs of the hit series Naruto shippuden, this song jumps between genres multiple times in a couple of minutes. The representations of the characters leaping like dancers, dancing a choreographed routine, and fleeing from a giant squid contrast with images of Naruto comforting himself, and Naruto, Sakura, and Sai flying above the ocean as they all launch a jutsu that shoots like a bolt of electricity.

The degree of silliness of this opening goes from being an understandable juxtaposition to making the series seem somewhat disjointed. A viewer who saw this opening without knowing the series would be hard-pressed to explain the concept of it.

1 Magical Girl Raising Project – The anime’s opening makes viewers believe that it is an action series about magical girls

Magical Girl Raising Project is another series of magical girls that turns the genre upside down. This series has been compared many timeswith Madoka Magica. While the beginning shows fights between magical girls, it is tame and also shows a significant amount of unity between them.

The reality is that this series is very graphic in its depiction of violence, as a group of girls are drawn into a magical girl death game, and the girls are killed one after another. This anime is quite grim at times, and viewers will have to struggle to figure out who to support as the girls clash in hopes of surviving another day.

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