10 romantic anime to watch before Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romantic anime is in high demand to watch at the most tender time of year. Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in Japan, albeit in a slightly different way than it is celebrated in the United States. Instead of couples giving each other objects and celebrating together, it is women who give chocolates and candies to others. They make two types of chocolate, one for family and friends that is easy, ready-made, and another that is saved for your crush, usually it will be homemade or of a more expensive variety.

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Shojo anime features Valentine’s Day and White Day – which is pretty much the same but for men – quite frequently, making it even a trope of the genre. And the best thing about romantic anime is that it fits in with all other genres, offering a wide variety of shows to watch.

10 Clannad: anime manages to tell the story in a wonderful way, while perfectly pulling your emotions at the exact moment it sets out to do

Clannad It is one of the most popular romantic anime out there and it is undoubtedly a crying game. This anime follows a young high school student who tries to save all of his friends from his own personal troubles, while also realizing things about himself along the way.

The romance is beautiful and it unfolds wonderfully, leading to Clannad: After Story. But not everything is sad, the anime manages to tell the story beautifully while perfectly pulling on your emotions at the exact moment it intended. Another good tear-jerker anime for the holidays could be Your Lie in April.

9 Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War – a light series divided into mini-episodes that allows easy binge-watching

If fans of romance are looking for something with a lighter tone, then Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is the perfect anime for the holidays. This series follows two tsundere who are totally in love with each other, but too stubborn to be the one to admit it, so instead they start a war, trying to force the other to confess before they do.

The series is hilarious and has an incredible cast that fans will love as much or more than the main characters. In addition, the series is light and is divided into mini-episodes, which makes it easy to watch.

8 Inuyasha – The simmering romance between Inuyasha and Kagome is totally sweet and fans will find themselves supporting the couple all the time

Inuyasha it is truly a series that everyone can enjoy. This anime is a classic and is included in a series of genres that attracts everyone. It is a supernatural shonen set in the Sengoku period of Japan, full of demons and monsters, in which Kagome, a 15-year-old girl of our time, falls through a portal and meets the half-demon Inuyasha.

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This romantic shonen series is packed with action, adventure, friendship, and love, while set with the standard shonen tropes of fighting spirit and the power of love and friendship to conquer it all.

7 My Love Story – Takeo Gouda has a heart of gold and falls madly in love with the lovable Rinko Yamato, who in turn falls in love with him.

My LoveStory It is not like any other shojo series, because it breaks the stereotype of its male lead. Instead of having the tall, skinny guy like in all standard shojo anime, My Love Story has Takeo Gouda, a giant, muscular man who has the appearance of a gangster or a thug.

But he has a heart of gold and falls madly in love with the lovable Rinko Yamato, who in turn falls in love with him. This series is adorable, sweet, and a lot of fun, as Takeo mistakes Rinko for her handsome best friend Sunakawa and tries to play cupid, even though Rinko and Takeo have obviously fallen in love with each other.

6 From Me To You – When Sawako Kuronuma meets the warm and kind Shouta Kazehaya, he helps her come out of her shell and be true to herself.

This romantic anime is another shojo that features a couple that starts out as a beautiful friendship. Sawako Kuronuma is often called “Sadako” by her classmates due to her physical appearance and personality strangely similar to that of the horror character from The Ring.

Her classmates constantly misunderstand her, as she doesn’t really know how to talk to any of them or express herself. But when she meets the warm and kind Shouta Kazehaya, he helps her to come out of her shell, to make new friends, and to be true to herself as they both begin to fall in love with each other.

5 Maid-Sama! – This anime is fun, cute and perfect for any fan who wants to see good shojo content

Maid-Sama! is a classic shojo anime that may be one of the most famous series, besides Ouran High School Host Club Y Fruits Basket. This series is a comedy about the headstrong Misaki Ayuzawa, known as the “demon president” of her newly converted co-ed high school.

All the boys at his school think he hates them, as he tries to make the school, which was once just for boys, a safe and comfortable place for new students. But also, Misaki works as a waitress in a cafeteria, and knows that if any of the boys at her school find out, they will be tormented for life. So when Takumi Usui, the most popular boy in school, walks in and sees her, the two of them come to an agreement.

4 Blue Spring Ride – will make all viewers want to finish reading the series to see how Kou and Futaba’s story unfolds

Blue Spring Ride is another popular shojo series that has amazing characters and an even more beautiful story. Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Tanaka fall in love with each other during high school and are finally going to do something about it as they prepare to have a party together. But after a misunderstanding, his plans are canceled and Kou ends up leaving school abruptly.

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Now, in high school, Futaba Yoshioka sees Kou again, but now he calls himself Kou Mabuchi, and his name is not the only thing that is different about him. The two struggle with their feelings for each other, as many things have changed since their days in high school. The art and design of the characters in this series are very beautiful and attract audiences quickly. However, the series ends quite abruptly, at the same point that chapter 15 of the manga ends, which will make all viewers want to finish reading the series to see how Kou and Futaba’s story unfolds.

3 Tamako Love Story – the film follows the love fight between Tamako and Mochizou, until reaching the most beautiful confession

Tamako Love Story It is an adorable anime movie and perfect for Valentine’s day. This film tells the love story of Tamako, a young woman who lives in front of her childhood friend and lover, Mochizou Ooji.

Mochizou is very in love with Tamako and wants to tell him, but he is too shy, and since he dreams of studying in Tokyo when he finishes high school, he does not know very well how to tell her. The entire film follows the struggles between the two to find the right moment, leading to the most tender confession.

2 Orange – The story is tragic and beautiful, highlighting love in all its forms

Although it may seem like the typical shojo anime, Orange it is much more than meets the eye. This series is dark and beautiful, as it follows a group of high school friends trying to save a friend’s life. Naho receives a letter from herself in the future stating that a new student, whom her friends and Naho end up becoming friends with, commits suicide.

In the letter, all the events that may have pushed Kakeru to the limit are detailed, so that Naho can try to prevent his death. In the end he realizes that each of his friends also received letters from their future selves to save him as well.

1 The Girl Who Jumped Through Time: When Makoto discovers that he can jump through time, he begins to abuse his powers and drastically changes the course of his own life.

Thegirl who jumped through Time is an amazing anime movie that everyone will surely like. Makoto Konno, a high school senior, has a hard time knowing what she wants to do with her life after graduation.

But when Makoto discovers that he can jump in time, traveling backwards for a few moments, he begins to abuse his powers and drastically changes the course of his own life. The romance in this film unfolds slowly, but it certainly packs a punch and will leave viewers wanting more.

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