“1970 Producer”… ‘Taeil’ Gwangju Civil Society Agreement Ceremony Completed

From left, Myung Film CEO Lee Eun, Labor Unemployment Gwangju Center CEO Jeong Hyang-ja, National Federation of Democratic Trade Unions Lee Jong-wook, Gwangju Regional Headquarters Director, Yang Ki-hwan, Zillaravi CEO Song Kyeong-dong, 1970 Tae-il Friends Planning Committee / Photo = Myung Film

‘Taeil’ completed the Gwangju civil society agreement ceremony.

Myungfilm’s second feature-length animated film, ‘Taeil (directed by Hong Jun-pyo)’, an animation that will give a deep resonance and impression to all generations, held an agreement ceremony for the 1970 production members in Gwangju on the 21st at the May 18 Memorial Foundation Memory Repository.

The 1970 production committee is continuously being recruited, starting with 166 people from all walks of life, who came out to complete and release in line with the 50th anniversary of Jeon Tae-il in 2020. It is a number that symbolizes the year 1970.

‘Tae-il’ tells the story of Jeon Tae-il, a young man who fought fiercely to change the unfair working environment in the peaceful market in 1970. The signing ceremony was hosted by Jin-Tae Cho, Executive Director of the May 18 Memorial Foundation, and was attended by Su-Ho Lee, Chairman of the Jeon Tae-Il Foundation, Kyeong-Dong Song, a member of the 1970 Tae-Il Friends Planning Committee, Ki-Hwan Yang, CEO of Zillaravi, and Eun Myung Film, CEO of Gwangju. Hyang-Ja Jeong, CEO of the Labor Unemployment Center, signed the agreement

The main contents of the agreement are to actively participate in the production of the animated film ‘Taeil’ and to organize screening committees in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do to develop a screening movement for the group viewing community.

Director Jeong Hyang-ja of the Labor Unemployment Gwangju Center said, “Gwangju has long been a city for workers and friends, and I want to be a member of the production committee as a person living as a community. When the movie comes out, we will do our best to promote it together with the KCTU, all the production crew, and those who could not come here.”

Lee Jong-wook, head of the Gwangju Regional Headquarters of the National Federation of Democratic Trade Unions, said, “The reality is that there are 5.8 million workers in our society who are still in the blind spot of the Labor Standards Act, and more than 2 million specially-related workers are not guaranteed union activities.” He said, “In such a current mood, the production of ‘Taeil’ movie is of great significance, and the KCTU will work harder and do its best so that the spirit of this movie can permeate into every corner of our society.”

Song Kyeong-dong, a 1970-year-old Taeil Friends planning committee member, expressed his wish, “It would be great if the Taeil Friends movement could develop as a cultural movement for peace, equality, and solidarity in Korean society.”

Myung Film CEO Lee Eun said, “The participation of the production committee is meaningful for citizens to make and watch movies together. I hope that it will be an opportunity to think about what the ‘Jeon Tae-il spirit’ is through family viewing.”

‘Taeil’, which signed an agreement with the Gwangju civil society and announced the start of a full-fledged local group screening movement, is preparing for release in the second half of 2021.

By Jo Yeon-kyung, staff reporter [email protected]

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