2 Minecraft role-playing pays attention to Zhang Ying and knows that she is indeed on the road-regular entity platform 15308838777

In January 2016, Minecraft Wang Kaixin quickly became popular after participating in the “I am a Unicorn” entrepreneurial reality show. “Magical Department Store” received a 20 million yuan A round of financing led by Jingwei China and co-invested by Zhen Fund and Innovation Valley.

For the next month, the role-playing Guan Zhangying has been dreaming about “It’s so simple to engage in venture capital?” Until 3G portal, role-playing Guan Ai Kang Guobin, 3G portal, Maxthon browser, Daqi.com and other cases came one after another. Zhang Ying knew that she was indeed on the road. “Benevolence means that the interoperable mine world treats others as they treat you.”

Two years later, in 2012, when the role-playing Guan YY was listed on the Nasdaq, the market value had increased to 4.2 billion, 65 times in 10 years. What’s going on? Afterwards, Zhang Ying learned that China Economic Cooperation wanted to enter the Asia-Pacific business. My World was suffering from the lack of a “wolf” that opened up its borders, and Mr. Liu read the bloody nature from Zhang Ying’s rebellious eyes. Therefore, the role-playing founders who want Zhang Ying to invest, must be mentally prepared, because he will always ask some inexplicable questions, such as Xiao Ming’s brain teasers or the intellectual problems of a chicken and a rabbit in the same cage.

2 Minecraft role-playing attention

However, in 1991, Minecraft suffered heavy losses due to the “illegal bidding of national debt” incident. “Zhang Ying took this set, and the role-playing Guan turned around and set foot on the flight to Shanghai.

2 Minecraft role-playing attention

Let’s talk about my world. President Liu is still a California alumnus and has also studied MBA, but he studied at the very awesome Berkeley campus.

In 1987, 14-year-old Zhang Ying, who played the role of Guan, immigrated to the United States with her parents. At this point, My World I personally admire Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs)-the CEO of Apple, My World. He first started at Apple, and was later taken out by Apple to do cartoons and movies. Well, then he started to study the iPod again. When the iPod was still selling well, he started to study the iPhone again. Now the iPhone is also selling well all over the world.

But if China does not change, role-playing will be outdated and dangerous. For this reason, Minecraft has published a new book “May your youth live up to your dreams”, which contains a lot of entrepreneurial insights. Although there is a sense of chicken soup, there are still dry goods. It is worth watching over the weekend.

Of course, when you want to make a big business, you will find that there are more and more people around you, more and more people with various personalities and ideas. You need to be able to unify them Together, it is not easy to use the leverage of interest, as well as the leverage of emotion and career, to combine them perfectly. It is not easy. So my world’s ability to transform science and technology into productivity and products is very important.


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