2021 – FFX’s 20th anniversary is celebrated with Final Fantasy X-2 Cosplay

For the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XPublication, two cosplayers drew the likeness of companions Yuna and Rikku. The cross-country skier Final Fantasy Anthology The series began in 1987 with the original RPG title which spawned a number of sequels, each set in their own setting. The newest entry in the series, Final Fantasy XV, was released in 2016.

2001 Final Fantasy X was the first game in the series to receive a direct sequel with Final Fantasy X-2 released in 2003. Although these games are quite old, they still hold a special place in both player hearts and franchise history. With its release in 2020 Final Fantasy 7-Remake connected to X-2 in the form of Shinra, a masked character from the 2003 title that was not alluded to in the original 1997 release FF7. During this Easter egg a deeper connection between FF7-Remake and X-2, it can be a simple reference to one of the franchise’s most popular episodes.

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July 19 marks the 20th anniversary of FFX‘s Japanese release and to celebrate the Reddit user bruccella posted a cosplay of playmates Yuna and Rikku. To be precise, both characters are actually portrayed in their clothes from the game sequel. FFX-2. Both representations are extremely authentic to the look of the characters in the game, right down to the smallest detail of their clothing. Accessories are modeled exactly and even the characters’ hairstyles are flawlessly captured so that it looks like the Final Fantasy Heroines had stepped right out of a player’s screen.

While FFX-2 war Released back in 2003, many fans are still hoping for a chance to return to the Spira setting. Comments recently made by two of the franchise’s creators even suggest it Final Fantasy X-3 could follow that FF7-Remake once the project is finished. Tetsuya Nomura was a character designer from FFX and FFX-2, and Motomu Toriyama has directed both titles. Now Nomura and Toriyama are both directors of the FF7-Remake, but in a recent interview, both creators suggested that a third entry be made in the FFX Series is still possible. However, both remedies are currently focused on remake, so it will take time to see any plans for FFX-3 come to fruition.

The Final Fantasy Series is massive and long-running, and attracts fans of all ages who have been introduced to the fantasy anthology at various points. Final Fantasy XThe 20th anniversary of the release is an important milestone for fans of the popular part, especially for those who still want the third adventure in Spira. Bruccellati’s cosplay tribute is breathtaking and brings Yuna and Rikku to life in a flawless way.

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Those: bruccellati/Reddit

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