2021 – Genshin Impact Ganyu Cosplay brings the character to life

A talented cosplayer brought one Genshin Impact’s popular characters in the real world. This cosplay of Ganyu, a playable cyro character, is making massive waves on Instagram and the internet as well. The craftsmanship and details have wowed fans and drawn the attention of many players.

Ganyu is a five star hotel Genshin Impact Hero who wields bows in battle. Her first appearance is in the second act of the Tevyat story, where she acts as secretary and envoy for the Liyue Qixing. As a cryo user, Ganyu has ice powers like Trail of the Qilin and Celestial Shower. She has grown in popularity since her release in January 2021. Praise was given for their play style, cute design, and interesting back story. While so far she could only be recruited during her own banner, the game works on a gacha system, much like Fire Emblem: Heroes – The fans are waiting for a repeat in the future.

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One of Ganyu’s fans is Peachmilky_, A cosplayer living in Japan who has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. On April 6, she uploaded a photo of her Ganyu cosplay to the social media site. Almost 15,000 likes and 73 comments were collected within one day. Peachmilkycosplay posted the same photo on the Genshin Impact subreddit, received 774 upvotes at the time of this writing. Comments have been mostly positive, with most watching how stunning Peach looks as Ganyu. The background of blooming cherry blossoms only accentuates the natural beauty of cosplay.

This isn’t the first time Peach has cosplayed a character from Genshin Impact, either. She has also posted pictures of her as Mona, Barbara and Fischl. A casual version of Keqing is also available on Instagram and Patreon. She wish it was available as an alternate skin. At this time, the only customization options for Wing Gliders are foreseen, but there is heavy speculation about the future inclusion of costumes. Other characters she has starred in include Rise Kujikawa from Person 4 and D.Va from Overwatch. In addition to cosplay, Peach also has a Twitch channel where she can stream games with a Vtuber avatar.

While Genshin Impact is no stranger to controversy, the fandom seems more than pleased to continue creating positive content for their favorite characters. Cosplays like Peach’s send a message to the developers telling them which heroes they would like to see again one day or get an expanded role in the lore. It is highly unlikely that this cosplay alone will trigger a Ganyu re-release. Even so, it is a pleasure for fans to see such beloved characters in a real-life setting, regardless of character status.

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