2021 – Sailor Moon Style Anime used phenomenally for Dua Lipa music video

Pop star Dua Lipa has released a new music video for her hit “Levitating”. inspired by the iconic classic anime, Sailor Moon. The anime series was adapted from the Japanese shōjo manga written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi of Toei Animation and aired from 1992 to 1997. The series follows Usagi Tsukino, who becomes Sailor Moon of the Sailor Guardians after meeting a talking cat named Luna, offers her a magical brooch to ward off the forces of evil.

Sailor Moon is one of the most influential animes of the 90s and the series is considered a major factor in the revival of the magical girl genre. The series also introduced many young fans to the anime through its dub broadcast on U.S. television during the decade, and gave many young fans their first contact with this style of animation. Because of this, Sailor Moon‘s influence can be found across a lot of the media today, after a recent nod Harley Quinn Comics to inspiring modern American animations like Steven Universe. The anime is referenced in all media to this day, from television to comics to music videos.

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On their official YouTube, Lipa released a new animated music video for their Weekly US Billboard number 2 song “Levitating,” the video being visually inspired by anime series from the 80s and 90s. The narrative follows an animated version of Lipa traveling the stars in a bright science fiction setting. “Levitating” borrows heavily from the aesthetics of 90s animes like Sailor Moon, with a short scene of the song’s title sequence similar to the titles for the anime, while Dua’s animated portrayal resembles Usagi’s character design through its art style. The music video even includes a recreation of Sailor Moon’s famous metamorphosis, in which her hero transforms into her Sailor Guardian personality, with Lipa adopting a new look for her concert instead. Check out the video below:

The video was animated by the Japanese artist group NOSTALOCK, with Yu Tsubaki as creative director, Kenta Orisaka as art director and writer, and Yuta Ueno as producer. “Levitating” isn’t the singer’s first crossover with anime. Her song “Swan Song” was used to tie in with Robert Rodriguez Alita: Fighting angel, a live-action adaptation of the manga of the same name.

By borrowing aesthetics and being inspired by it Sailor Moon, Lipa’s newest music video fun and nostalgic piece of media that can appeal to many. Viewers unaware of the inspirations could get them interested in the medium and lead them to explore anime-style animation further through productions like the one recently released by Netflix Handsome guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Movies, while existing anime fans may be amazed at the imagery and designs that will lead to further exploration of Lipa’s discography. With the show being featured in not just film and television but now music videos as well, it’s clear how big the impact is Sailor Moon in the world and became a permanent and recognizable part of popular culture.

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