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▲ The successful closing of the 2022 Gwangju Ace Fair, a glimpse into the future of the cultural content industry © Reporter Baek Tae-hyun

‘2022 Gwangju ACE Fair’, Korea’s largest comprehensive exhibition of contents, opened on September 22 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center and closed successfully on the 25th after a four-day schedule.

This exhibition, held in Gwangju, a city center of cultural contents, was held in collaboration with digital platform companies and new technology companies such as OTT, metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and content monetization. AR) and games, 398 companies from 35 countries around the world participated and met visitors with colorful contents and new products at 485 exhibition booths.

In particular, this year, under the theme of ‘Digital Transformation and Expansion of Content Value,’ companies that can create synergy effects by combining content and digital technology drew attention. At the site, immersive content that allows you to experience virtual reality while wearing VR devices and AR games combined with various genres drew high participation from visitors and drew attention.

In addition, various contents such as games and animations developed with support from organizations such as Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Gwangju Design Promotion Agency, Jeonbuk Contents Convergence Promotion Agency, and Jeonnam Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency could be viewed.

Ji-yeon Lim, a university student who visited the exhibition hall with a friend, said, “I was able to enjoy the time without knowing the passing of time by visiting the booths of broadcasting content companies, looking at new works, and experiencing various games at the booths of game companies.”

Meanwhile, in the exhibition hall, the ‘New Illustration Artist Contest’ with NCsoft was held concurrently with the 2022 Gwangju International ACE Illustration Fair, providing a venue to appreciate the unique works of not only popular artists but also new artists. In addition, related business events and seminars such as the Content Development Conference (CDC) were conducted smoothly with the enthusiastic interest and response of the participants.

In addition, a business export conference was held in which 236 domestic and foreign participating companies and 140 domestic and foreign buyers participated for K-content export and investment support. In addition, a total of 113 contracts were concluded, recording a contract promotion performance of $52,034,619, and more than 100 additional online consultations are scheduled to continue for 5 days from September 26th to 30th.

A representative of the Gwangju Ace Fair Secretariat said, “Through this exhibition, where interesting and high-quality K-contents and digital new technology companies come together, not only people in the content industry but also the general public can experience K-contents and confirm the power and status of our contents. “We will continue to actively support the Ace Fair, which celebrated its 17th this year, as a bridgehead in the K-contents industry, to help strengthen the competitiveness of cultural contents and advance overseas.”

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By Baek Tae-hyun [email protected]

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