Bishamon comes to life in this Eva cosplay

Studio BONES (My Hero Academia) did a masterful job of emphasizing all the best features of Noragami, the anime adaptation of Adachitoka’s manga. The work, in fact, combines folklore, mythology and the element of the divine in a fun but also extremely mature setting. For some time now, fans have begun to wonder what happened […]

what anime is hiding behind these rotten synopses?

Published on June 30, 2022 22 h 00 By Flavie Piet Imagine the world’s dumbest synopsis for your favorite anime/manga…Serieously did it! Your goal ? Find out which anime correspond to these completely rinsed synopses. Your turn ! CLICK HERE IF THIS QUIZ IS NOT DISPLAYING AS EXPECTED What anime is this synopsis for? This […]

2022 one piece filler list Why Anime Has Filler

Introduce the topic Why Anime Has Filler | Crunchyroll Explains † See details below of the article. The message already has and [vid_likes] views. Tim explained the purpose of the Upholstery Clips! Sign up for a 14-day free trial period! Crunchy Bun … Why Anime Has Filler | Crunchyroll Explains #Anime #Filler #Crunchyroll #Explains Bekijk […]

Kanoko Okarishimasu 2, Premiere Live chapter 1 online Spanish sub: how and where to watch the first episode of the season anime | rent a girlfriend | At what time to see the new chapter according to my country online | Crunchyroll, Anime flv | Mexico | Peru | Anime, series, Manga | anime

This Friday, July 1, the third season of 2022 anime premieres will begin. Thousands of new titles will be released for the first time on the small screen, while others will return with the continuation of their stories. One of the most anticipated by thousands of fans is the second season of “Kanojo okarishimasu”the series […]