25 activities for you to choose from during the 7-day holiday

Original title: You can choose 25 activities without repeating the same for 7 days during the holiday

News from our newspaper (Reporter Yue Shan) As the “Bincheng” cultural business card, the Binhai Cultural Center launched a series of cultural activities that are both ornamental and participatory during the National Day holiday, bringing science and technology, art, folk art, and animation to citizens and tourists. And other 25 activities to enrich the residents’ holiday life.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the opening of the museum, Binhai Science and Technology Museum has specially planned the “Treasure Hunting Museum” activity, where children experience the fun of treasure hunting and learn about science and technology. At the same time, a series of theme activities such as science parade, fantasy science show, and science performance show were also carried out at the same time, allowing visitors to have more interactive experiences. Among them, the “Put Down Your Phone, Science Fair” event held on the first floor of the exhibition area was ingenious and gathered a lot of popularity. The Binhai Performing Arts Center has a series of great shows. The family comedy show “Balloon Rhapsody” brings a humorous, funny, comedy, and novelty visual feast, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in a happy fairy tale world filled with colorful balloons.

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Binhai Cultural Center’s opening and operation, the center also held a National Day-themed covered bridge cultural market in the central hall, bringing together intangible cultural heritage, characteristic cultural creation, art experience, art performances, musical fountain shows and other exciting activities for tourists. Bring a “hearted” cultural experience. In addition, yesterday’s “Erdu Animation Festival” opened in the central hall broke the dimension, opened a creative carnival of culture and art, and showed the cultural charm of “Bencheng” while celebrating the National Day.Return to Sohu to see more


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