4 secret scenes secretly hidden by the rumored movie’Soul’


[인사이트] Reporter Won Hye-jin = Disney Pixar’s animation’Soul’ is cruising, comforting the hearts of tired adults.

The movie’Soul’ is a story about a special adventure in which’Jo’, who became a soul due to an unexpected accident, and ’22’, a soul who does not want to go to earth, go together.

The movie’Soul’, which was released on the 20th of last month, recorded a cumulative audience of about 15,000 people 15 days after it was released, and became the first movie this year to surpass 1 million.

In particular, the Naver audience rating (based on 4 days) set a high record of 9.37 points.

Disney Pixar’s unique detail also proves excellent workability and serves as a point of inducing’n-car’ viewing.

Today, we have gathered 4 secret scenes hidden in the movie’Soul’ that is even more touching.

If you’ve been deeply impressed with the movie, or those who are planning to watch the movie, take a closer look at the contents below and feel the deeper’soul’.

1. The secret of the first soul’number’


The movie’Soul’ started with the imagination that souls with their own personalities will be born on Earth in’The World Before Born’.

In the play, there is a moment when new souls and mentors are paired, and the number of the first soul Jerry introduces before the appearance of ’22’ is ‘10,821,112,1415’.

The seemingly complicated number sequence is surprising as it is similar to the actual US Population Rescue Agency’s estimate of “more than 108 billion humans exist.”

2. World Travel Spots in’Soul’


In the play, there is a’hall of all things’ where you can experience everything on the planet.

Various attractions from all over the world appear here, and it offers plenty of sights, from Big Ben in England to the Eiffel Tower in France and the Pyramids in Mexico.

In addition, the Korean signboard with’Hoho Mandu’ is also a hidden point in the scene.

3. Homage to the movie’Inside Out’


In the movie’Soul’, there are many settings that give you a glimpse of’Inside Out’, the previous work of director Pete Doctor.

The scene where’Jo’ and ’22’ eat pizza in the world before they were born is considered one of the famous scenes because the pleasant chemistry of the two characters stands out.

In particular, in this scene, a broccoli pizza that Riley hated in’Inside Out’ appears in the back, providing a little fun.

In addition, advertisements for a startup company called’Brang’, which Riley’s dad relocated from’Inside Out’, was hidden on the billboard on the subway where Joe rides in New York.

4. Ending Credit’Production Babies’


Disney Pixar’s animation credits list a special crew called’Production Babies’.

This is one of Disney Pixar’s warm traditions, and it contains the names of the children of the production crew who were born during the film production period.

In this movie, the tradition of’Production Babies’ was named as “Souls who recently graduated from’the world before birth’,” which was more impressive.


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