5 anime movies that you may not know and that you find in streaming

April 15 is Anime Day, the day that celebrates Japanese animation. For the occasion, we suggest some features that you may have missed, but are worth recovering

On April 15 we celebrate theAnime Day, the day dedicated to Japanese animation: the great classics that accompanied the childhood of those born in the 70s and 80s and who became indelibly part of the popular cultural culture of the last Millennium and the New, see Lady Oscar, Ken the warrior O Capitan Harlock; but also the most recent cult (Cowboy Bebop or Neon Genesis Evangelion) and contemporary mega hits such as Demon Slayer e The attack of the Giants. To celebrate the day devoted to Japanese cartoons we could have offered you a roundup of the most famous titles such as those mentioned, or honor the great masters Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka e Go Nagai; instead this time we take the opportunity to introduce you to some title that some of you, perhaps, have not yet seen, available in streaming in Italian.

1. The organ of genocide

Esteemed animation director of the Studio Sunrise, Shuko Murase (Gundam Wing) is the director of The organ of genocide (2017), one of the most shocking animated films that this writer has recently seen. Based on the first literary work of the science fiction author Project Itoh, is a chilling accusation of the perversions of the art of war absolutely forbidden to children (do not trust the classification reported by the platform). The death of John Paul’s wife and daughter in an attack in Sarajevo is the latest terrorist act to shake Europe and America. Instead, they multiply the terrorist cells active in poor countries, against which US special forces led by the efficient Clavis clash. Perfect soldiers – drugged and psychologically manipulated so as not to be overwhelmed by pain and moral judgments -, they are able to operate without limitations. Clavis discovers that John Paul has fine-tuned a technique of verbal suggestion inspired by the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis according to which the language we speak shapes our thoughts and is used to inspire continuous conflict in poor countries and keep peace in rich ones. It is up to Clavis to decide whether to stop this madness. Distributed in Italy by Yamato and Koch Media, it is available in streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Batman Ninja

Warner dedicated to the Dark Knight several animated films, but this Japanese version is the most dazzling, transposition of the second Batman myth Kazuki Nakashima, an eclectic author capable of producing psychedelic cartoons (such as Promar) as well as monumental plays (Seven Souls in the Skulls Castle). Nakashima carries the Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Grodd and another handful of villain held in Arkham Asylum in feudal Japan. Gotham’s villains become diabolical daimyos, feudal lords, who battle for power, thwarted by Batman and his army of loyal ninja. It is impossible to describe this without spoilers crazy and anarchist version, we can only anticipate that it evokes Mad Max as much as the robot cartoons, it is full of incredible ideas that reach their maximum expression in Joker (here inspired by the real historical figure of Oda Nobunaga), and boasts a very advanced animation, in addition to the very original trait of the character designer Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai). His Netflix.

3. The Boy and the Beast

The film that beat in 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron at the Japanese box office (in Italy it was released in theaters two days thanks to Lucky Red) is a work by Mamoru Hosoda owed, at least for a small part, to The enchanted city in Miyazaki it’s at Karate Kid. A novel of a fantastic genre, it follows Ren, a rebellious orphan child, on the run through the streets of Shibuya, who will find himself, surprised and frightened, in the magical world populated by the Beasts (the bakemono of Japanese folklore and the original title), just as the Grand Master of martial arts contemplates electing his successor from the popular, loyal boar Iozen and the angry, grumpy and lonely bear Kumatetsu, of whom Ren becomes a disciple. IS a parable about growing up and adults, find their place in society and be able to educate and inspire young people. Kumatetsu grew up alone and without anyone who loved him, he is very strong despite not having but had a teacher, and for this he does not know how to educate Ren. It will be the child who will make him understand how and the two will save each other from loneliness and lack of love. The Boy and the Beast it’s hilarious and lighthearted, but it also carries a message about the importance of accept your dark side, a black hole that sucks the soul of human victims of envy and intolerance. It has a bittersweet and slightly reactionary ending, but we still recommend it. Up Netflix.

4. The empire of corpses

Six years ago the Japanese writer Project Itoh he resurrected the myth of Prometheus he inspires Frankenstein at Mary Shelley, creating a ucronia in which the research of the scientist capable of reanimating the dead has been exploited by world governments to create a workforce composed of corpses brought back to life with fictitious souls. These docile and obedient zombies are the subject of a young man’s quest Dr watson before letter willing to do everything to improve the resuscitation techniques so as to return the soul to the beloved Friday. For this he embarks on a mission to recover Frankenstein’s original notes, revealing world conspiracies and the existence of the Monster and his mysterious plans. Derivative but suggestive especially in the staging of a Londra steampunk and a young Watson in love, this horror is complete with a highly critical moral parable of scientists and politicians. Up Amazon Prime Video.

5. The shape of the voice

Makoto Shinkai, autore del celebrato Your Name, praised this film written, scripted and directed by female artists of 2016 which tackles, without sentimentality, with introspection, sensitivity and grace, three delicate themes: integration of the disabled, school bullying and adolescent suicide. Shoya is a primary school pupil who targets Shoko, a shy and very sweet deaf girl: she destroys her hearing aids one after the other until he is reported and becomes, in turn, a victim of bullying by those same classmates who incited him. . In high school he is the pariah of high school and somatizes his social unease by losing the ability to identify faces, so much so that to meditate on suicide. The will to atone for his sins towards Shoko – in love with him since childhood – by learning to communicate with sign language, is the first step towards self-acceptance and reconciliation with the world around him. The shape of the voice (international title A Silent Voice) was the most viewed film production in Japan in 2016 right after Your Name, toured several festivals, including the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and won il premio Best Animation of the Year al 26° Japan Movie Critics Awards. Su Amazon Prime Video.

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