5 reasons why Gohan should be the best character

The Dragon Ball series inspired by the manga created by Akira Toriyama has become a world phenomenon, being a world exponent of manga and anime, especially of the genus shōnen, this is not surprising.

Dragon Ball with its history it has managed to persevere for more than 30 years, still being a successful franchise which has been extended not only to anime, but to all kinds of merchandising, items such as books, clothes, action figures and even video games from the successful franchise continue to come out today, so we can say that Dragon Ball has changed and evolved until becoming “The biggest pillar of the anime and manga industry”.

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Although the success of the series is undoubted, explaining the reasons is very difficult. The story starring Son Goku made any child want to become a “Warrior Z”But, even if we all want to be like him sometime hero of this story, It does not mean that this is the best, for this we consider that we must talk about who we consider to be the best character in the entire Dragon Ball Z franchise. That’s right, today we will talk about Son Gohan.

5 reasons why Gohan is the best character in Dragon Ball

Sincerely and personally Goku is an excellent protagonist for the kind of history that is Dragon Ball (a “fighting shōnen”), but there is no doubt in saying that his son, Gohan is a better character than him or any of the series, this is why today we will tell you the 5 reasons why Gohan is the best character in Dragon Ball.

The saiyan prodigy

Since young Gohan proved to be a prodigy for martial arts, his combat ability vastly surpassed Goku’s when he was his age, being able to face unimaginable enemies which hardly anyone could beat.

Gohan proved to be a prodigy for martial arts

The young saiyan would prove this over and over again throughout history, but without a doubt the fact that made us realize how powerful the boy we considered a coward was was, was that headbutt that gave Raditz, and not only for getting hit, but also for the powerful KI that possessed, of which only those who were in that place were witnesses.

He didn’t fight because he wanted to, he did it because he had to …

Something that without a doubt it would mark his personality and differentiate him from his father would be the fact that Gohan, He thought that fighting was not necessary, until he had to.

I didn't fight because I wanted to, I did it because I had to
His experiences would mark his personality and differentiate him from his father

He learned to fight from his teacher Piccolo, but not for look for strong opponents what to face but to be able to protect the place he loved so much: Earth.

The true hero of the land

Although many do not know the truth, Gohan is the true hero of the land and the only one of the “Z Warriors” who was able to face equal to equal to mighty villain Cell, who would end up defeating with a Kame Hame Ha between Father and Son to save the earth.

The true hero of Earth
Gohan is the true hero of the land

His strength in this battle was the pinnacle of his evolution as character, we saw the child become a man by facing the greatest threat ever known, and defeating it, with a power that surpassed any of the most powerful saiyans (Goku and Vegeta), thus being the true protagonist of this story that only the “Z Warriors” know.

The only one who could awaken the «Definitive State»

The “Definitive State” is something that only best warriors in the universe in history have been able to reach, a state where his power is at its highest at all times and where his full potential as a warrior has been unlocked. Without a doubt, this is what allows anyone who masters this technique to become the ultimate warrior, being Gohan the only one among the “Z Warriors” that he could get to this power.

The only one who could awaken the Definitive State
Gohan is one of the best warriors in the universe that history has been able to achieve

A true protagonist

Some of the strongest criticism of the Dragon Ball anime and manga series would be the protagonist himself, Goku, which seems not to evolve or have any development in his personality, however, although this is completely false, we have to say that Gohan is a better character, a true protagonist, who was once weak, but he became strong to protect his loved ones.

A true protagonist
Gohan has better personality and development within the anime

Many may agree with what we have said so far, but surely there will be those who do not, so we invite you to share your opinion about what is the best dragon ball character.

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