A bridge in Canada looks like it will collapse onto the highway. This is a Leaning Tower of Pisa cosplay and an amazing illusion

Residents of a city in Canada are afraid to drive past the Beltline Bridge, because one of its retaining walls looks like it will fall right on the road any minute. The most amazing thing begins when engineers are taken for explanations. In Russia, you can sometimes hear similar arguments from officials.

Drivers who cross the bridge in the central neighborhood of Calgary, Canada, Beltline, often think they have escaped a great deal of danger, because there is indeed an area that makes their hearts beat faster.

One of the supporting walls of the bridge protrudes strongly into the road, as if climbing down onto the roadway. Such situations do happen due to improperly laid foundations, as well as floods that wash away the foundation of concrete structures. The Calgary authorities receive a lot of alarmed calls and letters that the fortification needs to be urgently changed, because otherwise an emergency will happen in the city.

The wall on the track scares the drivers because it looks like it is falling.  But this is an illusion that gives you goosebumps
Bridge in Canada

However, Beltline’s management is in no hurry to close the site for reconstruction, and this is not a matter of negligence: just a falling wall is not an accident, but an optical illusion.

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The wall on the track scares the drivers because it looks like it is falling.  But this is an illusion that gives you goosebumps
Drivers feel that the structure is falling on the road

According to the publication CBS 17, inspectors visited the bridge more than once, who carefully checked the bridge and came to the conclusion that there were no deviations from the norm in the construction. Engineers believe that an optical illusion is confusing for drivers: it arises from the shape of the structure and the road curve along which the drivers drive.

The bridge was opened to traffic in December 2020, and since then, drivers have not been able to get used to the illusion, despite assurances from the city authorities. Perhaps they remember an unusual incident that happened in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. There, a huge bridge began to vibrate unexpectedly, and residents also feared that the structure was about to collapse on cars.

Fortunately, there were no incidents, but drivers from Canada prefer to bypass the dubious site just in case.

An equally impressive illusion was seen by a student from France who wanted to improve her photograph, but in vain uploaded it to the application. The neural network has issued such an upgrade that now it is difficult for a girl to fall asleep.

Residents of China also thought that they had become a victim of optical illusion, when in the zoo they approached the enclosure with the inscription “Wolf”, and saw a completely different animal. This is not a mistake, but a clever move.


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