A collaboration between the YouTube anime “Black Channel” and the Vanguard TV anime “Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress” has been decided! | Press release of Plott Inc.

Plott Inc., which produces and distributes IP content on YouTube (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Shota Okuno, hereinafter Plott)https://plott.tokyo We are pleased to announce that the YouTube animation “Black Channel” jointly operated by Shogakukan Co., Ltd. and Bushiroad Co., Ltd. has decided to collaborate with the card game “Card Fight !! Vanguard”.

■ Overview

Yuyu (CV. Shouta Aoi), the main character of the TV anime “Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress”, appears in the video of the YouTube anime “Black Channel”!

We will have a card battle with the characters of “Black Channel”.

■ Release date
September 15 (water) 18:30 ~Premier delivery

Black Channel YouTube (Video URL):

Title:[Collaboration]〇〇 Appearance! ?? The true identity of the laughter that echoes in the amusement park at midnight[Anime]

■ What is Black Channel?

Japanese manga by Satoshi Kisaichi and YouTube anime co-produced by “Monthly CoroCoro Comic” and Plott Inc. The YouTube anime version has been available since August 31, 2020.

Black Channel Official YouTube Channel:

Black Channel Official Twitter:

Ⓒ Kisaichi Satoshi / Shogakukan / Plott

■ Card Fight !! What is Vanguard?

Bushiroad’s trading card game “Card Fight !! Vanguard”
The TV anime series that is still being broadcast started in January 2011.
This title is developed in various media such as trading cards and anime, comics, movies, theatrical performances, events, and collaborations with other companies.
In just one year since its launch in March 2011, it has won the third place in the trading card market, and with the development of multimedia mix, the cumulative total of the series has exceeded 2 billion.
It has been sold in 61 countries and regions, including English, Thai and Italian versions, and continues to grow in number of players around the world.

Vanguard 10th Anniversary Site:https://10th.cf-vanguard.com/

TV anime “Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress” official website:https://anime.cf-vanguard.com/overdress/

YouTube “Vanguard Channel”:https://www.youtube.com/user/VanguardCH

【©VANGUARD overDress Character Design ©2021CLAMP・ST】 illust:Kinema citrus

■ Related URL

Plott Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/Plott_Inc

Plott official website:https://plott.tokyo

Black Channel Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/black_orechan

Card Fight !! Vanguard Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/cfvanguard_PR

Card Fight !! Vanguard Official Portal Site:https://cf-vanguard.com

■ Company profile

Plott Inc. (Plott Inc.)
Shota Okuno, CEO
Contact: [email protected]

Establishment: August 2, 2017


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