a cosplay of Shenhe, the ice exorcist

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Beginning 2022, Genshin Impact is now in the middle of its second year of life. Here comes the introduction of a new area, Enkanomiya thanks to the update 2.4 of Genshin Impact, a series of islets full of events and bosses to be defeated in order to have a new loot. However, the addition of Shenhe should not be forgotten in this update.

Strongly in synergy with the loots obtainable from the new area, this daughter of Liyue exorcists was trained by a Cloud Retainer, and it is no coincidence that Shenhe means immortal crane. Candid and with predominantly light colors both in the body and in the clothing, Shenhe is a fighter who takes care of greatly enhancing the other characters who make use of the Cryo, the main element of her. She with the battle rod she enters combat and supports the rest of the group.

Now he comes with a cold fury from Liyue. The Chinese cosplayer Aqua has put herself in various poses in the post below containing several photos with a Shenhe cosplay, so as to show all the care taken into the realization. The suit is well made and spot on, even the weapon is no exception, so in general it can be said well done. And speaking of ice characters, here’s a really powerful Ganyu cosplay.

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