a cosplay of the witch Lisa created by Shermie

The video game of Genshin Impact is still on the crest of the wave. With over six months on its back, the Chinese studio MiHoYo continues to add features and characters of various genres. We have now come to Genshin Impact 1.6 which allows us to review the classic characters that have crowded the past adventures for the fantasy continent.

In Character pool available in Genshin Impact is Lisa, the witch of the purple rose with the Electro element, and who has become the librarian of the Knights of Favonius. Intellectual and connoisseur of magic, she has an aspect that recalls that of a sorceress: pointed hat even if very decorated and ornate, a tunic rich in decorations that ends in some flourishes that imitate a cloak.

The cosplayer Shermie has decided to interpret the character of Genshin Impact with a cosplay that you can see in the photo below, which has already collected the like of over 5000 followers. The Lisa’s cosplay is well taken care of, both for the clothes that perfectly imitate those of the character and for the hair. What do you think of this Genshin impact themed creation?

The green-eyed sorceress has also received another tribute in the past: here is a Lisa cosplay created by Hane Ame.

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