A cosplayer on Apex makes the buzz with his weapon replica

There are many cosplays on different games, but some have the gift of reproducing certain characters or objects to perfection. This is the case of YonyanCosplay who made Apex Legends’ Deadheat Wingman.

This is the subject of a Reddit user that caught the attention of thousands yesterday. He posted a video of his Wingman replica, a weapon featured in the Apex Legends battle royale. It could have been a cosplay like any other, but he decided to add some features.

The Wingman is a revolver very popular with Apex Legends players, very often used at the start of the game, you have to be precise in order to be able to hit your target with it. However, if the target is hit, the damage will be substantial.

This talented Cosplayer brought to life a variant of the Wingman, the Deadheat skin, available on Apex Legends. Using his exceptional craft skills, YonyanCosplay was able to make a weapon that we would confuse with that of the game. This replica includes 39 programmable LEDs as well as a mini smoke machine to make it more realistic. But that’s not all, on top of that the replica has a USB port that allows you to charge devices.

The line was so impressive that it was endorsed by one of the artists at Respawn Entertainment in commentary:
“damn!!! this is sick!!! sharing it with the team asap”. Wow !!! it’s incredible !!! I share this with the team whenever I can.

Respawn developers love to react to community creations like this one. In this case, the developer found the line very impressive and shared it with other developers.

We very often see weapon cosplays on Apex Legends, the community is very active and takes pleasure in interacting with the developers. However, this weapon replica wins the award for the most successful by far thanks to its realism and its many features.

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