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A game of contrasts and aromas tells the flavors of the fish through the Piedmontese food and wine identity: typically rich and characterized by strong tastes, here interpreted by a combination that expresses the right balance between delicacy and intensity. The “Sei Anime” Acqui Docg of “Ricossa Antica Casa”, winery of Mondodelvino, in fact presents the energetic character of the grape it comes from, but also offers pleasant floral and fruity notes, while “Scampi beetroot and bagna cauda” by chef Elide Mollo of the starred restaurant “Il Centro” in Priocca, combines the sweetness of the scampi with the flavor of the typical Piedmontese sauce.
With a pale pink color tending to powder pink, which evolves to “onion skin” with aging, the “Sei Anime” Acqui Docg from the “Ricossa Antica Casa” winery is a crisp, energetic and full rosé wine, with typical hardness Brachetto vinified in rosé. Its grapes come from an ancient Brachetto production area, in the municipality of Sessame in Monferrato, from which the name of the wine derives, where a selection of vineyards over thirty years old are grown at an altitude between 250 and 450 meters above sea level. The nose initially presents notes of balsamic herbs and a minerality reminiscent of stone, to then develop a “bouquet” of flowers including wisteria and a fruity note of currant, gooseberry, wild strawberry. Ideal in combination with fish and raw meats as well as soft cheeses, it is also perfect tasted alone, especially during the mild spring and summer days. A wine produced in the heart of the Langhe Roero and Monferrato territory, since 2014 proclaimed a World Heritage Site by Unesco, expression of an oenological tradition that today tells the classicism, style and identity of the great Piedmontese wines. Determined but balanced, the “Sei Anime Acqui Docg is an excellent match with the dish” Scampi beetroot and bagna cauda “curated by chef Elide Mollo of the starred restaurant” Il Centro “in Priocca: a recipe that stages the sweetness of typical element of the Piedmontese gastronomic tradition, the “bagna caöda”: a sauce made with garlic, desalted and boned anchovies cooked over low heat with extra virgin olive oil. A dish dedicated to the precious crustacean with soft pulp and refined taste, which with few ingredients gives great taste, emblem of a cuisine rooted in tradition and inspired by a well-defined identity, but open to innovation, which prefers essentiality and authentic products reworked in a contemporary key.
A “gourmet” combination that pays homage to the arrival of summer, interpreting the flavors of the sea through the typical personality of Piedmontese food and wine. A delicate and refined wine and dish, which however retain the decisive character that identifies its origin: that of the rosé “Sei Anime” Acqui Docg characterized by the intense and aromatic aftertaste of Brachetto, a typical grape of Monferrato, and that of the restaurant “Il Centro ”di Priocca, which gives each dish concreteness, authenticity and quality, enhancing the richness of the products and the territory, for a maximum exaltation of taste.

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