a double cosplay of Nami in the Whole Cake Island dress and Anya costume

One of the first individuals that Monkey D. Luffy has encountered on his journey and who have joined his pirate crew is the Navigator Nami, one of the most appeared characters in the ONE PIECE manga.

Having appeared since the beginnings of ONE PIECE, Nami showed up in so many different outfits. Her wardrobe is very large and depending on the island she dresses accordingly. Swimwear, long and elegant dresses, tops and pants – we’ve seen Nami with all this variety.

The cosplayer Anya iChios has decided to step into the shoes of the navigator of ONE PIECE, taking as a reference not one but two versions of the girl. The Nami’s first cosplay we see below is dedicated to Whole Cake Island, then with the girl wearing a red and white dress. The post below contains three photos of Nami bursting with happiness with a goblet in her hand. In particular, this was appreciated given the almost 10,000 likes collected.

The Nami’s second cosplay is in a bathing suit. Filmed on a Thai beach, the cosplayer wore a very colorful costume and where you can also see the tattoo on her left arm. What do you think?

There is also a cosplay of Nami dressed as Luffy that went viral.

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