A Dragon Ball fan has fused Gotenks with his favorite Pokémon

We love unexpected franchise mergers, but when it comes to Dragon Ball Y Pokémon, which have such different stories, we are surprised that they can be made fan art that merge these universes. Previously, we saw how Dragon Ball FighterZ compares Kid Buu and Gotenks’ resemblance to the original manga and anime. Now we want to show you how this fan has merged Gotenks with his Pokémon favorite and the result is absolutely great.

I have made this fusion between Gotenks and Dragapult (pokemon) hope you like it! from dbz

Gotenks He is one of the strongest characters in the saga. It is the result of the Dance of Fusion carried out by Gutters Y Trunks to face Majin Boo. But this fan has merged Gotenks with Dragapult from Pokémon, in an art that has the essence of the first and does not leave behind the dragon form of the famous Pokémon of the series. In addition to this, we see that two dragons protrude from his head, as a consequence of the Dance of Fusion. Do you find any curiosity in this fusion?

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