a female Goku Black cosplay in Yoselin’s photos

In 2015 Dragon Ball returned with a midquel anime that also brought with it a manga drawn by Toyotaro and supervised by the original author, Akira Toriyama. This new version of the work with the Saiyans is called Dragon Ball Super and at the moment it has already brought with it brand new sagas with characters never introduced before.

Archived the first phase that has re-presented to fans the story of the two films Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods and Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of ‘F’, the story then came alive with unpublished content. One of the sagas that has so far been very successful has been that of Zamasu which was presented shocking the fans: in fact, a Goku dressed in black arrived in the alternate timeline of Trunks who was called Goku Black.

In a short time the saga took place and Goku Black became one of the most loved characters of Dragon Ball Super, with a story still considered interesting today. The character is still very popular as shown by his appearances in Super Dragon Ball Heroes but also on the cosplay circulating on the net. The cosplayer Yoselin, a great lover of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super and who has already introduced other characters from the opera to the fans, has brought a Goku Black cosplay for women, reproducing the costume to perfection in gray and black colors and not forgetting the minor details.

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