A masterpiece born in the “golden age” of the pachinko super hit maker !![Retro pachinko “CR avant-garde” edition]–Pachimax

The leading role this time is “Kyoraku Sangyo released in 2008.CR avant-garde』。

It is a tie-up machine with avant-garde, which is an entertainment production centered on gravure idols, and about 9 gravure idols who were popular at that time will appear.

The cast members are Nanako Fujisaki, Hitomi Kitamura, Yuko Ogura, Naomi I, Shoko Hamada, Hitomi Kaikawa, Kaori Manabe, Mika Orihara, and Erika Yamakawa in the order of the patterns from 1 to 9. Do you have a favorite gravure in this?

Maybe it’s because I’m not very interested in it, but some people haven’t heard it honestly (sorry for the fans). On the other hand, some people still ask their names.

They are just gravure idols. For that reason, the performers appear in cosplay, etc., but there are unexpectedly no racy productions. If I was expecting only that area, I might have felt a little unsatisfactory.

However, it is strange that the customer base of these models is not limited to men, and surprisingly there are many women. It doesn’t matter, but it was released by Toyomaru about 10 years ago.CR Jiangtou 2:50I don’t remember seeing any women playing games (laughs).

Return the story. Kyoraku released a pachinko tie-up with the famous yellow cab of the gravure office in 2004, but the time when this avant-garde appeared … is also a ridiculous time.

I think there is a background that the pachinko industry itself is still more vibrant than it is now, but the models before and after this are “CR Winter Sonata 2”, “CR Special Worker III Sakura Version”, and “CR Special Worker III Sakura Version”. “CR Kinnikuman”, “CR Gladiator”, etc.

It can be said that it is the golden age of Kyoraku, and if a new stand is released, a hit or a big hit will be the norm.

No, Kyoraku … I’m afraid …

The avant-garde itself wasn’t a big hit, but I saw it in an unexpected place, and I wrote it while thinking, “By the way, my boss, Mr. XX, liked Yuko Ogura.” is.

By the way, my type is Kaori Manabe.

What is your type?

(Sentence = Dengeki Shiratchi)

30 years of industry history. He has experience in various industries such as the game machine sales business, and is currently focusing on activities as a writer. He is also in charge of articles on actual battles of retro pachinko and pachislot, and articles on interviews with people in the industry. We are actively creating content that will resonate with old fans, such as featuring feathers and one-shot stands.

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