A Mexican made the definitive cosplay of Broly

A Mexican woman has managed to equal the ki of an infamous Super Saiyan and recreate the character in his image and likeness in a cosplay Worthy of Dragon Ball.

A cosplayer just performed a characterization of Broly in which he perfectly mixes the strong presence of a girl with Mexican blood, along with the terrible power of a Legendary Super Saiyan. The cosplay by regal artist Karen G is a concept that was worked over months to perfect, and it shows. And even Karen G has taken her work to conventions like Amount showing that Mexican blood also has a bit of saiyajin.

Here is the cosplay Mexican Broly:

Cosplay Broly

A very Mexican cosplay of Broly. Photo: duncancosplayphotography / Instagram

The cosplay Karen’s is based on the latest movie by Dragon Ball Super that showed a new facet of Broly, as a Saiyan who while still seems disturbed by his origin story, also has his human side, He is not a complete monster after all and was reflected in the tragic story of the murder of his best friend (a furry beast) who explains why he is wearing a plush cloth, but is actually a piece of fur from the lovable Bah.

Broly Mexican Cosplay

Here is a photo of Broly raising his ki right at the top of the Cerro de la Silla. | Photo: duncancosplayphotography / Instagram

It is cosplay Broly also includes the character’s scars, but with a number of extra attachments that make him look very feminine.

Mexican Broly Cosplay

The ultimate Broly cosplay. | Photo: duncancosplayphotography / Instagram

Karen G has also performed cosplay of other characters of Dragon Ball like Bardock, Bulma (in her version as a Play Boy bunny), in addition to that you can also find on her Instagram account some characterizations of SNK Y Street Fighter.

What did you think of this cosplay of Broly?


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