A Mother’s Day all in bloom

Saint-André-de-Roquelongue: a Mother’s Day all in bloom

The first edition of the Festival of Flowers and Plants of the festival committee was inaugurated in the public garden, on the chosen Sunday of Mother’s Day. An event recreating the link for many inhabitants, even if caution remained in order according to an adapted protocol.

Mother Nature supported the enthusiasm of the volunteers dressed and crowned with flowers, displaying a bright sunshine. On the side of local exhibitors, they were numerous to mobilize. There were Myriam’s organic vegetable garden plants (L’Horte de la Madourneille, Caunettes-en-Val), the Clauses honey house (Montséret), the organic teas and infusions of Séverine (Les Pas de Sève, Lagrasse), essential oils and balms of Emmanuelle (La Cabane du berger, Fontjoncouse), Peter Shield and his aromatics, Véronique Barrau (association Mélusine, Montséret) and his works on the world of plants and magic, or Fabien Le Piver (Cathar Landscape, Saint-André) who donated part of its sales to the school’s cooperative, supported in this process by the parents of the students.

At the counter, the committee served Somail fruit juices and hosted a flower bar, in partnership with the Lézignaise florist (Les fleurs de Marguerite). The whole thing, animated in guinguette by Achille and his limonaire organ.

With the leisure center

As for the schoolchildren, they have invested heavily in the upstream leisure center to create works on the theme of nature to decorate the park. On D-Day, under the leadership of young Mélina and her comrades, a procession of children laden with plants and flowers went to the school to flower the planters made available by the town hall. Let us recall that Mélina (11 years old) worked in collaboration with the committee for the preparation of this festival, of which she had brought the idea to the municipal council two years ago.

She also offered a stand as a flower astrologer with other attendees. Despite the health context, the committee manages to organize unifying events. Since its resumption in autumn, there is no shortage of ideas for activities in a confined version (Halloween, Christmas, Easter), which can count on the support of local merchants, municipal employees and neighboring associations, such as Le Truk in addition, The Cathars and the Montsérétois Commandos.

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