a new artwork celebrates the release of a Soul Society themed clothing line

In 2021 we will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the start of the publication of Bleach on Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga that has become one of the most popular shonen ever. Fans are waiting to see what themed surprises there will be throughout the year.

A big fashion event gave us an artwork by Ichigo Kurosaki and his company. Last year we saw the release of Tite Kubo’s new spin-off series, Burn The Witch, which also received an animated adaptation, and fans are hoping the same will happen for the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc as well.

Bleach actually ended years ago, putting an end to the story of Ichigo and the Soul Society. While the ending left many fans stunned, some still believe Bleach didn’t get a worthy ending, but one thing is for sure: Fans are still very fond of Bleach. The franchise has yet to confirm when the series will be released, but this year there are many reasons to believe that we will soon receive announcements regarding Ichigo and his fellow swordsmen making their big comeback in the anime world.

Studio Pierrot, Bleach’s lead studio, shared on Twitter the collaboration between Bleach and Tokyo Girls Collection that will allow fans to dress like the Soul Society in their daily life!

The franchise created by Tite Kubo took the opportunity to show off its characters in rather unique outfits. This special collaboration is currently in the pre-order phase, giving fans the opportunity to wear clothes designed specifically for the popular Shonen series.

This news falls like a bean, after Dynit’s announcement of the arrival of Bleach in Italian on Amazon Prime Video, the time has come to prepare for the rewatch!

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