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New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Animation are teaming up to bring an anime de The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fantasy series in the world. And now, the trilogy of films we loved so much is ready to return with a new anime adaptation.

The announcement comes courtesy of New Line Cinema e Warner Bros. Animation. The companies are teaming up to bring an anime set in Middle-earth to life. The film will be titled The Lord of the Rings: The Rohirrim War and will be set in the same timeline as the films made by Peter Jackson. Below is the official statement of the companies regarding the new project:

Twenty years after the delivery of the award-winning trilogy de The Lord of the Rings, based on the iconic books by JRR Tolkien, New Line Cinema partnered with Warner Bros. Animation to produce an original anime film. The anime film will be directed by acclaimed director Kenji Kamiyama who will immerse fans in a legendary battle that helped shape Middle-earth and set the stage for the epic adventures brought to life in the film trilogy. The Lord of the Rings.

Rohirrim’s War will serve as a prequel to the story found in Jackson’s films. This means that the character of the King of Rohan will likely play a prominent role in the film. Carolyn Blackwood, COO of Warner Bros. Pictures. he has declared:

All of us at New Line feel a deep affinity to the extraordinary world that JRR Tolkien has created, so the opportunity to dive back into Middle-earth with the Warner Bros. Animation team is a dream come true. Fans know Helm’s Deep as the stage for one of the greatest battles ever filmed, and with many of the same creative visionaries involved and the brilliant Kenji Kamiyama at the helm, we couldn’t be more excited to offer a new insight into its story that will invite. the global audience to experience the rich and complex Middle-earth saga in a new and exciting way.

At the moment, no casting has been announced for the anime film. Kamiyama will direct the film while Jospeph Chou produces alongside Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews. Philippa Boyes, who helped write the scripts for Jackson’s films, will lend a hand as a consultant for War of the Rohirrim.

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