a perfect Levi cosplay according to fans, the photo goes viral

Since its first appearance, the always frowning Levi Ackerman won many Attack of the Giants fans, especially girls. Going forward with the plot, thanks to his popularity Levi has gained more and more space to the point of becoming fundamental in the chessboard of the struggle between humanity and giants.

Not surprisingly, he is also one of the most popular characters of The Attack of the Giants according to Fandom. Now a constant presence, now Levi Ackerman also shows himself out of the world created by Hajime Isayama with the Chinese model Yuuji who presents a new disguise through his Instagram page.

The Levi Ackerman cosplay that you can see in the two photos below has conquered everyone and has gone viral, with many interactions between Instagram and other social networks. We see him wearing the iconic army uniform formed by the white shirt, which Levi also adorns with a handkerchief around his neck, the beige jacket with the logo of the wings of freedom and also the green cape in the second photo. In the latter, moreover, he is photographed in attack pose complete with swords to slice the giants.

There have been many positive comments for this cosplay on the strongest warrior of humanity from The Attack of the Giants, do you agree? Meanwhile, the character is also back in The Attack of the Giants 4.

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