a Sinon cosplay from Japanese Kri_cos

Reki Kawahara’s light novels have become hugely popular around the world, particularly thanks to animated adaptations. Sword Art Online is a well known name now by all those who follow the Japanese animation and even today his world continues with the various incarnations.

As we all know by now, the world of Sword Art Online unfolds both on a real component and on a virtual one, in turn the latter articulated on various video games. At the beginning, the story prepared by Reki Kawahara presented us with the video game that gave the series its name, Sword Art Online, in order to introduce the main characters of Asuna and Kirito. Little by little we moved on to other video games and new characters.

The second video game introduced in the saga is Alfheim Online, abbreviated to ALO, where Kirito was forced to enter. The third was Gun Gale Online, where Sinon was introduced. This character therefore did not see her own incarnation in ALO initially, being predominantly a GGO player. Each video game obviously offers its own avatars, and therefore Sinon only later showed himself in ALO’s clothes.

Below we can see the photos of the Japanese Kri_cos who decided to prepare a Sinon cosplay in his version of Alfheim Online. Don’t miss the cosplay of Asuna as Titania as well; the character will also return in the movie Sword Art Online: Progressive.

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