A young man in Mexico discovers that his girlfriend was otaku and broke up with her

Imagine meeting a girl with a totally beautiful face, very funny, intelligent, famous, who likes cartoons and loves to dress up. Oh, and on top of all that, let her agree to be your girlfriend.

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, all that is this beautiful rookie from Monterrey, Mexico, and a student at the Chemical Sciences Talent at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Bizarro (UANL). Additionally intelligent, she is beautiful and although it sounds like a contradiction, she is a girl otaku who likes to bathe and meet very well.

She is Lisset Castro, who considers herself an “otaku chemist.” This is because he combines his passion for anime, Japanese civilization, video games, and cosplay with the study of chemical reactions.

Lisset enjoys dressing up as cartoon and video game characters, and on her social media she posts videos wearing their costumes, while explaining very interesting data and chemical experiments. This girl otaku it’s all one tiktoker with more than 365 thousand followers.

Despite her beauty and intelligence, Lisset knows perfectly well that there are many prejudices against men and women. otakus. So she had different Facebook accounts, one personal and one dedicated to her videos with cosplay.

She met a little boy, who asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. Without seizure, one day his actor discovered his other account. He told her that she was a little strange, but Lisset explained that she was a very common girl, that is why she had two different profiles and that when they were together, she would not speak absent on those topics so kawaii.

The guy did not understand how he could try to do cosplay and at the end of a very brief conversation on Messenger, he told her that he better not want to be her boyfriend. So rude and cowardly. Here you can see Lisset narrating this in her own words.

Obviously the guy had no idea what he was missing, as Lisset has become quite a celebrity on social media. Although the explanations she gives are very interesting and didactic, the main thing that attracts the attention of her videos are her attractive costumes (which fit her very well).

For many men it would be a surprise if such a beautiful and funny woman agreed to be their partner. One had the opportunity to become a man envied by all, but did not take advantage of it. The truth is, if you weren’t going to want to happen the afternoon by watching anime marathons and helping Lisset with her costumes and experiments, you didn’t deserve such beauty.

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