[AA-060] Tetsuos Erwachen – Akira Akkurat

The first half of this program is about the prejudices of ASMR videos and porn anime, rain in Disney films and some films and series from the anime sector that we have seen or want to recommend to you because they are currently in various Streaming services are freely available.

In this episode: 1:11:14 – 1:14:47

We return to the location from the beginning of the film for the last time, namely in front of the Harukiya Bar. Kaneda and Kei arrive there and are discovered by Kai, who hides from the executive and informs Kaneda about the death of Yamagata. The following, important gesture by Kaneda is unfortunately completely lost in the old synchro due to a translation error. Then Takashi appears to take Kei away. When Kaneda protests, he learns from Kiyoko, who speaks to him through Kei, that Tetsuo has now finally become one of yours, an ESPer, and that you need Kei to stop him.


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