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Saitama Institute of Technology, which has a campus in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, the birthplace of Eiichi Shibusawa, has two faculties, five departments, and 11 majors in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Human and Social Studies.

All the live stream videos are available as archive videos on the official YouTube channel. This time, we will focus on the departments and research fields that are currently attracting attention!

Department of Mechanical Engineering: Possibility of heat-driven refrigerator using next-generation energy hydrogen

A research team led by Professor Yuaki Kosaka of the Department of Mechanical Engineering introduced the possibility of heat-driven refrigerators using next-generation energy hydrogen.

For example, the fuel cell vehicle that runs on hydrogen, Toyota “MIRAI”, etc. continue to evolve along with the results of such basic research.

Professor Kosaka’s research team is researching the effective use of hydrogen energy, the development of hydrogen storage and transportation methods using hydrogen storage alloys, temperature measurement, and thermophysical property measurement.

In this video, we will introduce the research results for the realization of a refrigerator using hydrogen in an easy-to-understand manner, so if you are interested, check it out.

Department of Information Systems: Antenna technology that catches radio waves that “blow soul into conductors”

Professor Akinori Matsui’s research team in the Department of Information Systems introduced antenna technology that catches radio waves that pass through the space that “breathes the soul into the conductors.”

As you can see in the lyrics of “Phantom Vibration”, the smartphones that everyone is using now are as important as organs.

Professor Akinori Matsui’s research team is researching such smartphone antennas. Attention is the opening of research students from around 5 minutes and 40 seconds. The scene that explains the ETC radio waves attached to the car makes me think “I see!”

Department of Information Society: Like!2DCG / 3DCG works and the latest research cases

Hypnosismic, Shin Evangelion, Sakuranooto … 3DCG is an indispensable technology for anime and movies that dominate the topic.

The media design laboratory team led by Associate Professor Makoto Danjo of the Department of Information and Social Sciences can study this 3DCG until becoming a professional. A department that attracts attention because you can also learn live-action composition and corporate CI design.

Moreover, unlike highly specialized departments such as art universities and science universities, it is attracting attention as “a university where you can study 3DCG with the widest acceptance system now” regardless of the humanities or sciences.

Also pay attention to the 3DCG works of graduates from around 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The quality is no longer professional level. It may be a feature of this department that you can acquire these skills and get a job at the forefront of creativity.

And the real talk of the job hunter is also open to the public

At the Saitama Institute of Technology WEB Open Campus, an interview video of a fourth-year job hunter at the same university is also available.

This time, a male student of the same university who was appointed as Kirin Beverage and a female student of the same university who was appointed as Tokyu Corporation will appear.

In the first half, university staff introduced the university’s employment support system.

In the second half, realistic talks such as “When did you start job hunting?” And “The way to get a job offer” are projected.

And the achievements that Saitama Institute of Technology has gained through these efforts are ↓↓↓

Reigns in Saitama Prefecture’s No. 1 ranking in the actual employment rate of 400 famous companies!

By the way, Saitama Institute of Technology ranked 82nd out of all 570 universities in the “2021 Famous Companies 400 Companies Actual Employment Rate Ranking (University Communication ONLINE)” announced on August 23.

I was surprised that it was ranked first among the national, public and private universities in Saitama Prefecture, and among the private universities in eastern Japan excluding Tokyo.

In addition to the Saitama Institute of Technology’s department laboratories, which have been highlighted this time, videos introducing each department have been uploaded as shown in the image ↑↑↑, so if you are interested, please visit the WEB Open Campus Video Archive Collection. Check out ↓↓↓

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