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Active JKIdol、Peel the AppleofmemberActive asNanako KurosakiMr.February 1Weekly published inplayBoyHas also appeared innextbreakIdolIs currently attracting attention.SuchNanako KurosakiIsInstagramsoMaid clothesCosplayShow off!High school girlsofMaidKos is full of immorality and becomes a foul classcuteIt has become a hot topic.

Active JKIdol、Peel the AppleofNanako Kurosaki

26 o’clock masqueradenewmemberauditionBorn fromIdolgroup”Peel the Apple“ofmemberIs very active as one ofNanako KurosakiMr.

ActiveIdolWeekly while playing an active part asplayBoyThengravureWe are expanding the range of activities such as challenging.

The adult-like appearance of active JKI don’t knowbut,InstagramFascinated byMaid clothesCosplayHas become a hot topic with the cuteness of the foul class.

Well thenNanako KurosakiOfMaidI would like to see Kos!

Nanako KurosakiMaid clothesCosplayButI don’t know


The appearance of exposing the skin of Weekly PlayboyI don’t knowHowever, I suppressed the exposureMaid clothesCosplayThe appearance is also cute and dangerous!

“Kyun’s heart was blown out” “Arrested because it’s too cute” “It’s the best” “MaidNanakoIt ’s too cute. ”fanI heard that he was squeaking.

Maid clothesCosplayI tend to pay attention toNanako KurosakiSpeaking of the true value ofTwin tailHairstyle.

Maid clothes×Twin tail』Is Kyun deathlevelbut,Maid clothesEven if you don’t wearTwin tailThe appearance is too cute!

“My favorite strongestTwin tail, I look too good and die Kyun “”NanakoHigherTwin tailUnbearablycute!! “” 2nd and 3rdAzatoi“,,NetabovecommentWas sent.

Active JKTwin tailI’m sick of it, butThe twin tails of Arasa are also surprisingly moe.

Nanako Kurosakiprofile

BirthdayYear 2003May 16
place of birthTokyo

blood type A

height 160

hobbyWatching music / watching baseball /Skateboard

source: Peel the Apple

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Active JK idol Nanako Kurosaki (18) Maid clothes cosplay becomes a hot topic with foul-class cuteness


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