Adult Swim unveils ‘Rick and Morty’ character customization site | HYPEBEAST.KR

Adult Swim 2 animationRick and Morty> ‘Go Rick Your Self’, a website where you can create your own characters, was released.

‘Go Rick Your Self’ is largely divided into three categories: body, hair, and guitar. In the body category, You can choose the body of several characters that appeared in the movie. The ‘head’ category is also It was built based on the character of , but it was filled with more detailed character designs such as hair shape, eyes, nose, and mouth. Another feature is that you can choose not only people but also the appearance of aliens in the work. Other items include items that can be customized, such as masks, masks, and cats.

After completing the character, select a background and download or Facebook, Twitter can be shared, etc. In addition, only in the United States and Mexico, You can also make your character into a t-shirt. Adult Swim’s ‘Go Rick Yourself’ is now this placecan be experienced in

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