After 14: China shows new anime on TV

Japanese daily Nishi Nippon Shimbun reported today that next month, “Cells at Work! A new Japanese anime for the first time in 14 years will air on Chinese TV. The latest new animated series premiered in China in 2007.

The last new anime was released in 2007

This rather unusual step after such a long time is seen by the media as a warming of relations between Japan and China and as a “help” for the residents of China, who face the COVID-19 pandemic through “Cells at Work! “The body can learn. The broadcast will begin on February 14, 2021 on the state-owned China Central Television.

The last new anime series to air on TV in China was “Detective Conan” in 2007, when, according to Nishi Nippon Shimbun, the rules for anime on Chinese TV were tightened. From now on, preference should be given to educational programs and national productions.

Cartoons produced after 2007 were not approved for airing, while all titles approved before 2007 were still allowed to air. Since then, new anime productions have been distributed mainly through streaming platforms such as Bilibili.

Fans are excited about the broadcast and are hopeful that more anime can be shown on TV in the future. The Chinese government first banned prime-time foreign animated films in 2006 to highlight domestic productions. Many broadcasters have over one billion viewers per program.


“Cells at Work! Continues with a second season on Japanese television since January 2021, which can be watched in the original language with German subtitles and German dubbing on WAKANIM.

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Visual of the second season:


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