Aggretsuko Season 3 Release Date confirmed in Netflix USA August 2020

The aggressive red panda is back! Image credit: Netflix / Fanworks

The release date for Season 3 of Netflix Aggretsuko is scheduled for August 2020. The announcement was published in a new preview that includes both English subtitles and English dubbing.

The third season seemed almost inevitable, given how popular the 25-year-old Red Panda office lady had become around the world. The Aggretsuko anime (also known internationally as Aggressive Retsuko) has received good reviews and Netflix’s intention seems to be pumping out new episodes.

After all, the first season was quickly followed by Aggretsuko: Wish You A Metal Christmas. Then the second season premiered internationally on Netflix on June 14, 2019. It seems almost a rule that Netflix holds at least three seasons on popular shows, so why not Aggretsuko Season 3?

Netflix has also renewed its anime exclusives, including The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4, Ultraman Season 2 and others in this category.

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Financial incentives for the renewal of the Aggretsuko anime should not be overlooked other than the transmission of revenues. The Retsuko character, brought to life by Sanrio, the Kawaii commodity company responsible for Hello Kitty, began its life in a 2015 character design competition.

The metal character inspired the Aggretsuko Funko Pop figures ( chainsaw Retsuko wonderful!), plush dolls, candies, clothes and all kinds of accessories. THE Sanrio product store he even sells Aggretsuko beer cans.

Aggretsuko was originally transformed into a series of one-minute short episodes to make it a complete anime series. Therefore, it could be argued that Sanrio is being invested in increasing the popularity of its character, which probably ensured the rapid renewal of the Aggretsuko anime for a third season.

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In the fall of 2019, the streaming giant confirmed that the third season was being prepared. It has been announced that Season 3 of Aggretsuko will soon appear on TVs nearby.

Unfortunately, “soon” was fairly relative, as until July 2020, the release date for Aggretsuko’s Season 3 was only confirmed in July 2020.

Aggretsuko Season 3Netflix Aggretsuko Season 3 Poster Art. Credits image: Netflix / Fanworks

  • Updated August 7, 2020: Added a preview of Netflix Aggretsuko Season 3.

This article contains everything you know about Aggretsuko Season 3 (Aggressive Retsuko Season 3) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors and analysis. In the meantime, let’s delve into what is certainly known.

The release date for Aggretsuko Season 3 is set for summer 2020

In July 2020, Netflix US confirmed that the release date for Season 3 of Aggretsuko was set for August 27, 2020. The third season, produced by Fanworks animation studio, consists of 10 episodes of 15 minutes each.

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Unlike many Netflix anime exclusives, the Aggressive Retsuko anime does not appear weekly in Japan until it is released to the international market a few months later. Instead, Japan broadcasts Aggressive Retsuko Season 3 on the same day as the others!

Aggretsuko Metal ScreamDoes Aggretsuko Season 3 capture the preview of the first two seasons of the Netflix Aggressive Retsuko anime? Credits image: Netflix

Aggretsuko OVA 2 possible for Thanksgiving?

Historically, Netflix has developed a new strategy for popular TV shows. They follow a popular season with a single episode to make the wait look as if it’s not that long. The sequel will then appear the following year.

On December 20, 2018, an Aggretsuko Christmas special OVA / ONA episode was released. However, in the second season, there was no similar OVA episode that appeared in late 2019.

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Assuming Netflix continues the old strategy again, it is possible that they may release an Aggretsuko OVA 2 episode in late 2020. Considering the release date of Aggretsuko Season 3, it would be worth creating a special Thanksgiving episode this time.

We can only hope that the Aggretsuko Season 4 anime will be announced. Stay with us!


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