Akatsuki establishes a local subsidiary and makes a full-scale entry into the Indian market, starting to expand into emerging markets for Japanese anime and characters | TechCrunch Japan

An entertainment company that develops its business as an “IP producing company centered on games”AkatsukiAnnounced the establishment of a subsidiary, Akatsuki India Privete Limited, which will be a strategic business base in India on September 22nd. Started business in the Indian market using Japanese anime and characters.

Akatsuki is a fund for entertainment, media, and lifestyle startups.AET FundWe are investing in Japan and the United States through ”, but from June 2018, we also focused on the Indian market and started net investment in Indian content and media startups. So far, it has invested in more than 20 companies. And this time, from the “long-term perspective of the next 10 years or more”, we will start full-scale business development using IP (intellectual property) originating in Japan in India.

The business contents planned in India are “IP media development” that localizes Japanese content into the local language and distributes it in various media, and “maximization of IP recognition” that performs digital marketing and social marketing in the local language. ”,“ Merchandising ”(commercialization), which plans products for consumers in India, local production, direct sales through e-commerce, development of promotional products and IP collaboration in collaboration with local companies, local mobile games It is a “promotion” that carries out IP collaboration with online services such as.

For the time being, toys and other products will be produced in collaboration with local manufacturing plants, but eventually they will set up their own manufacturing bases. In addition to licensing existing anime and characters, the company will also promote the creation of original IP on the premise of global development. In the future, we are also considering expanding into emerging markets including Africa.

“Through this initiative, we aim to bring attractive Japanese characters and stories to the world and enrich the lives of people around the world,” said Akatsuki.


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