Akihabara, the paradise of anime and video games in Tokyo


Akihabara is the center of anime and video games in Tokyo. Get to know a little more about this special neighborhood in Japan.

Akihabara, the anime paradise in Tokyo (Photo: Unplash)


Akihabara, the anime paradise in Tokyo (Photo: Unplash)

Otakus and gamers have a paradise in common, it is about Akihabara en Tokio, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Japan, and which is the place in the world with the most stores of technology, video games, anime, manga, doujinshi, collectible action figures, etc.

Maybe we could not travel to Tokyo to enjoy the Olympic atmosphere in its entirety, but this will not prevent us from knowing more about this ancient city that is capable of combining the highest technology with traditions of hundreds of years.

Although this is not the only thing that characterizes Japan. Besides robots and samurais, the land of the rising sun is well known for its culture geek and for being the center of the otaku world. And these two branches come together in one of the most interesting and popular places in the city: Akihabara.

Akihabara en Tokio

Akihabara is not a place that tourists would commonly go to, it is about one of the most important commercial areas of the city And in most cities in the world this would mean that those most interested in going to it would be the inhabitants, but what is sold in Akihabara attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

The shops in this area are a true paradise for everyone interested in video games. There is practically no video game or console that you cannot get in this place, the neighborhood has dozens of stores dedicated to this guild.

It even has stores specializing in collectible or retro video games, so it doesn’t matter ifIf you are looking for the latest worldwide release or a video game from 20 years ago, you can surely find it here. And that’s not all.

Merch is another of its strengths, so true fans of video games are not only able to find the title they were looking for, they will also be able to get collectibles, cosplays and advertising products related to it.

Besides this, its arcade stores cannot be overlooked. Within this neighborhood it will be very common to find many “little machines” in which you can play no matter the time. Have since classic games such as dance challenges, to very advanced video games in virtual reality, You just need a few coins and voila, hours of fun in one place.

The otaku side of Akihabara

And although gamers have a very special space in Akihabara, there is no doubt that the heart of this neighborhood belongs to the otakus. This site is considered the mecca of manga, because even the same visitors come to this site dressed in their best cosplays.

And although in this place there are many sites dedicated to anime and manga, there is none like it Tokyo Anime Center. It is the otaku store par excellence, not because it has the latest trends, it actually sins of being a little behind, but because they keep the classics of classics. In addition, it is one of the main centers where launch events, autograph signings and conventions take place.

Last but not least are the Maids Café. These restaurants are served by young cosplayers who manage to take you to an environment beyond kawaii. The food, like the waitresses and the decorations, is themed and in general it is a experience taken from a shojo anime.

The best time to visit Akihabara is late at night when the streets turn into a neon show full of lights and images. The perfect postcard for all travelers in Tokyo.


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