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The head of the multicenter tells how an interesting event can be held in Kurgan

You can often hear that young people have nowhere to gather. But few people know that in our city there is a multicenter “Skrepka”, where you can attend fascinating lectures, master classes, concerts and conduct them yourself.

Alena Shakhovtseva, head of the Skrepka multicenter, tells how young people can implement their projects, meet interesting people and have a good time.

Alena, why is the multicenter called “Paperclip”. After all, there are a large number of stationery …

– And not only office supplies. Before the opening of the multicenter, a vote was held when the question arose about the name. For example, in Tyumen there is a “Office of the Shipping Company”, which is located on the banks of the Tura, so their name is associated with the location

We immediately chose a “name” that was not in tune with the art museum, despite the fact that we are in the same building.

I would like the guys to have the impression that they are coming to a new space created just for them. Therefore, we held a vote on the youth portal “PROSPEKT 45”, where they proposed their options.

I remember one very funny “Lawn Zone”, but it did not fit, because we do not have a lawn, if it was, it would probably be cool. “Paperclip” was offered by the deputy director of the regional department of education and science Ivan Khlebnikov. He considered that “Paperclip” is a connection, a bond of youth. It is this message that we convey at the multicenter, so that the guys understand that they can implement their ideas together.

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The centers are different. There are sports, educational, shopping and entertainment. Seeing the name, we understand what exactly you can do here. Paperclip is a multicenter. I understand correctly that you have several areas of activity connected at once.

– Yes that’s right. We work daily from 12 to 20 hours. You can come to us at any time, use the internet for free. We are ready to lend a laptop if needed. Students, schoolchildren can prepare for tests, write essays. Here you can discuss project ideas with friends, because it is often difficult to do in universities and schools, as it is very noisy. And there are no such sites in educational institutions where children can sit down and talk calmly, we have a comfortable coworking area.

The multicenter hosts a large number of events. There are educational, there are entertainment. They usually alternate. Workshops are held in various areas, from information technology to leading a healthy lifestyle.

There was a big art exhibition recently. At first, we very much doubted whether it was worth doing, whether there were young artists in Kurgan who were ready to show their works. When the exhibition opened, all our doubts disappeared immediately, because it was great. We were independently approached by the owners of caffeine and tea houses to work together. We made a tea-coffee-fest, where we talked about tea and coffee cultures.

Nowadays, we most often hold musical apartments, twice a month. We came up with this format ourselves, began to call the musicians.

The most important aspect of our work is helping the young people of Kurgan organize their own events. If a person is engaged in singing and would like to arrange a musical apartment, or does cool things with his own hands and wants to teach others, then he can come to us and we will help him with this.

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Alena, I am an ordinary schoolgirl, I don’t have a large amount of money, I don’t have connections, I don’t have a team of like-minded people, but I have an idea. I can come to the multicenter, tell about my project, and are you ready to help me implement it?

– It’s cool that you have an idea. I understand that you want it to be realized, for this there is a multicenter “Paperclip”. We will provide space for free. We will help both in organization and in informational terms, we will write posts for social networks, we will come up with a design project. We will do our best so that as many children as possible know that such an event will take place. We are only glad when young people come to us who want to do something of their own.

What kind of guests do you most often invite?

– Can show from the outside, if you work in a multicenter, then you have some kind of endless list of contacts and you called everyone and immediately came. In fact, I am constantly looking for new interesting people so that they can hold a workshop, perform at the apartment house. Sometimes I sit and write to my friends on social networks and messengers: “Hello, help me, I need musicians. Do you know anyone? “

I would like to show that the growing generation is versatile in Kurgan, so we try to invite “young” specialists. We had experts from the Quantorium children’s technology park. These are cool guys – “techies” with a creative approach to their work. They introduced deepfake technology – the imposition of an artificial face on your own. We were looking for a speaker who could explain this topic for a long time. At first they thought that there were no such people in Kurgan. But it turned out that they exist and are ready to tell about it.

We cooperate with designers, they often come and share their “chips” of work. The Muticenter hosts the “Dialogues on Equals” of the federal project of Rosmolodezh. Young people can interact with representatives of different professions. Our guest was the rector of KSU Nadezhda Dubiv, teachers from Shadrinsk came.

When we make a plan for the month, we sit down and see what events can be timed to coincide with the dates. For example, an open Open CosmoTalk was held on Cosmonautics Day. It discussed how the flights of the first rockets were depicted, the origins of retrofuturism, the popularity of space after the flight of Yuri Gagarin. The guys got acquainted with the options for industrial design with space references: technology, printing, clothing, cartoons.

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I came to Skrepka for the first time, how do you manage such a cozy atmosphere? “

– And it seems to me that we always have creative chaos. I remember when I first came here to work, the space seemed terribly uncomfortable to me, it was completely empty. I thought that we would do events and leave something afterwards, and this is how it turns out, so the multicenter is constantly filled with something – it’s great! For example, we still have pictures from an art exhibition. Each event leaves its own mark.

There are different guys working in the team. There are techies: videographers, videographers, sound technicians. They have a technical mindset, and it is important for them that there is order in everything. And there are guys like me – the administrator Kirill, we have a slightly different look, so it seems to me that we have a creative flea market. He and I are constantly adding, rearranging, thinking what else can be redone.

Alena, share, what are the future plans of the Skrepka multicenter?

– Two main insights that we are preparing. We want to put together a big cosplay festival. To be honest, I was not interested in this topic until I met the guys-cosplayers. It turns out that there is a cosplay community in Kurgan, which is now looking for a place where they can show themselves. I learned that cosplay is a whole philosophy. Together with the administrators, we watched the festival on a social network, and realized that how cool it is that you can gather a huge number of young people. Now we are working on making our own cosplay festival.

Young poets came to us, they would like to hold lamp evening events, with an open microphone, where you can read your poems.

The forum campaign will begin soon. And I think that we will make an event where we will tell you which forums you can go to, where you can express yourself. Everyone who comes will be able to understand how he can be useful in this forum and how this forum can be useful to him.

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