Algiers International Comic Festival (FIBDA): Launch of the competition: “Cosplay Algeria 2021”

The Algiers FIBDA International Comic Festival is organizing, in collaboration with the Z-LINK editions and ONDA (National Office for Copyright and Neighboring Rights) the competition: ‘Cosplay Algeria 2021’ during the 13th edition of the Festival, from December 22 to 26, At the Riad El Feth office, in Algiers.

Cosplay is a discipline that accompanies festivals dedicated to the 9th art in the world. Its rules are simple:

make a costume representing a character taken from a comic strip, whatever the genre (manga or other), or create an original character inspired by Algerian culture followed by a theatrical performance in front of a jury. For this 2021 edition of the competition we aspire to the professionalization of the competition.

Consequently, a preselection will be made on the basis of (WIP: work in progress) sketches or photos sent with the registration form.

To participate: easy!

1) Complete the registration form.
2) Take a picture of yourself wearing the costume.
3) create a staging (as original as possible) in the space that will be dedicated to it. Solo or group performances are accepted.

4) send it back to [email protected].

A jury made up of cartoonists, gamers, artists and comic book enthusiasts will assess the candidates. The selection criteria are:

1) The quality of the costume.
2) The implication, gestures and configurations of the candidate. 3) The originality of the staging.

The jury will also take into account the positive values ​​expressed by the costume and the character: generosity, friendship, solidarity, the spirit of exchange, living together.

The candidate must not present a costume already used in a previous Z-LINK or FIBDA Cosplay competition. He will be automatically eliminated.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Algerian cosplay culture award: (costume of Algerian characters from comics, tales, literature, theater …)

– Best Solo Cosplay Award: ONDA
– Prize for the best group cosplay (duo)
– Best costume award
– Prize for the best comedy cosplay

The first 10 winners will appear in the 2021 Festival winners.
The first 5 prizes are remunerated.

The results will be announced on the FIBDA website and facebook page as well as on the laabstore z-link facebook account.

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